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Market insights: why buyer management is vital – with Sam Hunter

In this video interview – part of a regular monthly series – Homesearch’s Sam Hunter speaks to Angels Media’s Lee Dahill on a range of topics affecting estate agents.

In this first part, he discusses the modern basics of agency and how agents should follow these to thrive.

“Solid, great agency is about three things – consistent lead generation, consistent lead conversion, and consistent client fulfilment – it’s no good getting leads, if they don’t stick around and do anything for you, and it’s so important to then keep your promises, delivering what you say you’re going to do, and getting clients the results that matter to them.”


He says clients shouldn’t merely be treated like numbers and that consistency – the common theme of the modern basics – is absolutely crucial.

“The reason why basics work really well is because you’re being consistent,” he said.

But how can these basics be implemented by agents?

“Right now, if you want more sellers, focus on the buyers. Buyer management makes you an extremely successful, extremely well-liked and extremely well-sought after agent. It is the prospecting that delivers again and again.”

He says it’s something that very few agents are doing because they incorrectly assume that buyers don’t make them money.

“Buyers are your best opportunity to have real-life market conversations,” Hunter insists, saying agents need to better understand a buyer’s destination and what is important to them to increase the number of valuations they get.

In the video, Hunter also discusses how agents can get in more front rooms, the importance of buyer management, and how sending market updates and crucial local information to buyers can all help long-term when it comes to generating much-needed stock.

You can watch the full video below.


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