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By Lee Wainwright

Chief Executive Officer, PropertyBox


How agents can benefit from great visual content in seconds

We know from our customer research that being able to showcase property that looks the best it can online is the key to winning more instructions, getting more interest from buyers and selling property faster, for a better price.

That’s why platforms such as PropertyBox can allow all estate agents, whatever their size, to have access to professionally enhanced photos, returned in seconds and instantly uploaded to websites and across social media platforms for immediate impact.

PropertyBox is an online tool that uses digital technology, including AI, to provide vertical correction, brightness adjustment, colour enhancement, shadow boosting and blue-sky replacement – all the visual elements that win the all-important click.


Finished photos are back in the agent’s inbox within seconds, a welcome solution to agents losing precious marketing time and frustrating their customers who want to get serious buyers through the door quickly.

We know how important it is to protect your customer’s privacy so, as well as creating far superior images, each one is also fully GDPR compliant with personal photographs blurred and car number plates obscured.

Using an instant photo enhancement service means no more hours wasted manually enhancing photos yourself – each one can simply be uploaded from a phone directly to services like PropertyBox and instantly processed at any time of day or night. That means amazing photography on all your listings in seconds, freeing up your time to carry out valuations and win more instructions in this highly competitive market.

Professional-looking visuals could be what tip the scales in your favour, encouraging vendors to come to you rather than one of your rivals. Those who market properties the best will always win the listing and in the current supply shortage, agents can’t afford to miss out. The best way for agents to compete to win valuations, successfully converting them to instructions, is to stand out with professional-looking photography and floorplan, add 360 tours and you will show the seller you’re serious about marketing their property.

We find when estate agents start to use visual content, they change their position from, “Is this something I really need?” to, “This is helping me show customers just how much better I am as an agent and how much more I can do for them,” and that’s helping them win greater market share.

Businesses across the world who are invested in high-quality visual content recognise its power and, if done well, the difference it can make to the bottom line.

According to Airbnb, colour is the most important component affecting demand for its properties. Their research shows that improving colour attributes by one standard deviation could bring extra revenue of almost £5,000 a year for a single rental property.

Quite simply, improving photo quality has a direct economic impact. That’s something to celebrate and now the tools are literally at your fingertips.

*Lee Wainwright is the chief executive officer of PropertyBox, a FocalAgent company


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