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By Richard Price

Managing Director, Dezrez


How PropTech Can Help You Win More Instructions

PropTech has seen a surge in uptake over the last few years for several reasons – be it the Covid-19 pandemic forcing people to avoid physical contact or simply the natural shift towards a more digital industry.

Some PropTech providers were quick to offer online solutions to estate agents working from home, while others improved agent and client communication further by providing effective 24/7 online access to property transaction updates and sale progression milestones through portal estate agency software solutions.

The sheer amount of PropTech available has never been greater – and neither has the quality of those products and services.


At Dezrez, we aim to use PropTech to bring agents and clients closer together by ‘Connecting the Property World’ through our estate agency software and integrations with third-party providers. Although we’re continually developing our software, we don’t innovate for innovation’s sake; we only provide the best tools to our agents, ensuring you gain value from the best-in-class PropTech on offer. If you’re going to invest in PropTech, it needs to add value and deliver Return on Investment (ROI) to your agency.

Recent advancements in technology means that digital solutions are essential within the property industry and PropTech is the number one investment for agents – and it’s a must-have, essential tool for any agency hoping to thrive in the 2020s.

While there is still buyer demand for traditional estate agency processes, it’s key to future-proof your agency to avoid being left behind as more agencies invest in technology. With the help of innovation from our tech partners that are directly integrated, we want you to stay ahead of the curve and invest in the products and services that your agency can benefit from in order to become more efficient, offer a better client experience, and most importantly win more instructions!

Winning more instructions with property technology

Winning more instructions is just one of the many benefits of PropTech.

Using the right tech tools means your estate agency can offer USPs that your competitors cannot. For example, if you offer a PropTech service where your clients can log in to their own portal and view sales progression updates, your chances of being instructed ahead of an agent that hasn’t invested in such technology will be enhanced.

You can now offer an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chat-bot solution to answer out of hours client queries or virtual 3D property viewing software – using this tech will ensure you stand out when a potential seller is considering which estate agent to instruct.

There is PropTech out there to help estate agents and agencies in almost every department, be it conversion rates of market appraisals, market or client intelligence, property reports, automation, marketing, customer service and much more. However, the best estate agency software companies will help you to decide which ones are beneficial for your business and tailor their solution to fit.

The importance of client retention in today’s market

Not only will PropTech attract and help convert potential clients, but it will also help make their experience a more positive one once they become your clients. Buying or selling a property is a major undertaking that can be demanding both physically and mentally, so be sure to use PropTech to refine the service you provide as an estate agent to help your clients feel in control during the entire process.

This can be done in many ways thanks to PropTech advancements, including more regular or automated communication, dedicated login portals, online data availability, electronic document signing and more.

During the home buying process, it is essential that the processes put in place to win a sale are met with the same encouragement when looking at retaining that customer each time they want to buy a property. A returning customer builds trust in your offering and adds immense value to your agency. Through word-of-mouth, customer success experiences can help agencies of all sizes dominate location areas and stand out among larger competitors.

Improved revenue and growth using PropTech

There are many ways to use PropTech and it can be quite difficult to know where to start if you’re new to the concept of using tech to benefit your agency. Some examples of ways that you can use PropTech to win more business include the following:

  • Use your CRM to automate social media posts when a property is instructed

  • Automate SMS messaging to potential sellers

  • Offer electronic document signing and uploading

  • Build a social media presence through automation (celebrate sold properties, for example)

  • Receive comprehensive upfront property information to better inform buyers and reduce the time it takes to complete a house sale

  • Provide a dedicated 24/7 login area for your clients to view sales progression updates

  • Advertise more efficiently with multiple property portals

  • Provide 3D, virtual property viewings

  • Receive real-time chain information

With the best estate agency software, you can utilise all of this directly within your CRM.

The benefits of using connected PropTech

Due to the wide range of products and services available, the benefits of integrated and connected PropTech are vast. Investing in PropTech can allow your agency to...

  • Improve efficiency

  • Better inform buyers and sellers

  • Complete tasks automatically

  • Reduce the time it takes to complete a property sale

  • Improve communication between agents and clients

  • Offer a better overall client experience

  • Increase conversion rates of market appraisals

  • And of course, win more instructions!

Winning instructions and new business is key for any estate agency looking to succeed. PropTech can offer solutions to many daily problems that you face as an agency and can help take your team to the next level, so why not explore your options and find out which products and services you can benefit from today?

Visit the Dezrez website to find out more about our CRM software packages and a full list of PropTech suppliers that we partner with, thanks to our open API and innovative product development.

*Richard Price is Managing Director of Dezrez


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