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By Emma Vigus

Managing Director, mio


Single view of the chain - what does it mean for agents?

In early September, mio achieved an industry first with the release of the mio chain view API. Now, all the parties involved in a sale or purchase can benefit from a single view of the chain, by deploying a simple API.

The residential property industry has been calling for a single view of the chain to improve transparency and efficiency, and reduce fall throughs and transaction times for several years. I’m pleased to say we he have delivered it!

What does this mean for estate agents?


Everyone involved in a sale or purchase from your employees through to your customers and onto the mortgage broker, conveyancer, surveyor and even the lender can now view a well-designed, easy to understand view of the chain.

So, everyone has a clear idea of what’s happening with the transactions they are involved in and the other transactions in the chain. That clarity reduces the need to chase for updates.

If you chase for an average of 20 updates a day; it will take you around two hours. Reducing that by half will free up an hour of your time and that time is really valuable.

How does the chain view get updated?

The mio chain view is updated by agents using the mio platform; consumers using the app and most importantly via updates that flow into mio from conveyancing, surveying and mortgage broking businesses.

They’re the updates that many agents and their customers spend lots of time chasing for.

Can agents trust the updates?

The updates are fully compliant with data protection legislation and whilst we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy, the sophistication of the operating platforms used by conveyancers, mortgage brokers and surveyors ensures they can be trusted.

It’s not a case of someone just happily ticking boxes on a Friday afternoon!

Are all properties in mio automatically updated?

We’re still developing our network of integration partners but over 40% of the properties in mio benefit from at least one automated milestone update and some will benefit from far more.

If your business works with a specific conveyancing panel manager or mortgage broker, we are happy to speak to them about how they can deploy the mio API to benefit their business, your business and your customers.  

*Emma Vigus is managing director of mio


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