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Four ways to get a competitive edge using technology

Running an effective property business in today’s market relies on the clever use of technology. 

The right technology will make your agency more efficient and productive but, when it comes to using multiple solutions together, it’s rarely that simple to get right.

Having a clear strategy that keeps your focus on the bigger picture can stop you from over-complicating things. To do that, follow these four simple principles:


1. Consolidate and integrate

The more systems your agency uses the more fragmented, and therefore convoluted, your processes become. Consolidating and integrating the technologies you use, rather than juggling multiple systems, helps to streamline workflows and keep employees focused.

When looking to change or upgrade your software, look for solutions that will allow you to manage all parts of your business in one place. Before purchasing, consider the plugins/integrations that you may need further down the road, and how easy these will be to add.

2. Automate as much as possible

Smart automation can give your agency the edge over both traditional and online competitors. 

Work out ways to automate daily tasks, so you can focus on your real job of being a fantastic estate agent. You know your industry and local areas better than anyone - making that count is the differentiator that will set your agency apart. 

3. Research product roadmaps and funding

There is no doubt that implementing new technology is extra work, but it’s short-term pain for long-term gain. It’s important that you know what the future holds for your chosen solutions provider, so you don’t end up having to switch systems again too soon.

Assess whether the vendor is financially stable and ensure that the product you are evaluating is receiving a suitably level of ongoing investment.

4. Understand your infrastructure

Consider the platform you’re building your infrastructure on. These days almost all modern products will be built in the cloud and therefore don’t require much, if any, internal IT maintenance. They generally work faster, can be used from multiple locations on different devices and do not leave you tied to the desk in your office (you perhaps work best when you’re on site with clients, from the car in between appointments, or even from home). 

Plus, web-based products are more likely to have a longer lifespan, greater investment for the future and should allow your business to grow faster over time.

However, not all cloud products are built alike. Make sure you know what is important for your business and test it thoroughly before buying. 

Looks alone can be deceptive - be sure to find out if the software is responsive to the 

devices your employees will be using, where your data stored, how safe it is and how frequently new updates are likely to be released? These should be critical factors in your decision-making process.

Having a long-term strategic vision for how you use technology in your business will be key to surviving in the changing property landscape.

At ZPG we are constantly working to create better, more coordinated technologies for our partners. And our cloud software solutions are where these converge. 

To find out more about how our software, portals, print services and data insights work together; alongside referral & client engagement tools that deliver 24/7 service and generate additional income to support your agency, get in touch or visit our products page.

*James Toogood is Sales Director at ZPG Software


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