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How does an agency get the best out of training sessions?

Training or as I prefer to call it team development is something every managing director or owner I meet says is imperative and important to them but in reality not something many actually invest in properly.

Others spend a fortune without really knowing what it is they want the training to achieve.

With this in mind, my top tips for businesses looking to invest in the development of their team would be...


1. Ask yourself prior to investment, how can I measure if the training has worked and what do I need to put in place pre and post-training to monitor results? Whoever is providing the training should be able to assist with this, if they can't or won't, ask yourself why?

2. Consider who should be on the training and why, don't just send everybody just because that seems sensible. Similarly, don't overlook someone just because it might cost a few pounds more. Where at all possible, attend with your team to show you are on the same journey. Just as importantly, you will also be better equipped to assist in ensuring the training becomes habitual and engrained in the business' culture.

3. Ask how the training will be delivered and in what manner. It needs to be exciting, memorable and different in order to stick. You should seek out training and trainers that provide permanent improvement.

4. If the training is a distance away, invest in overnight accommodation for your team so they can arrive fresh and on time, rather than late, flustered and possibly tired.

5. Always ask for a debrief with your team, get them to show you their notes from any training and confirm in writing what they have learned. Ask what they will be doing differently and why and request they confirm this in writing. Make sure you monitor and give ongoing feedback to ensure any changes become habit.

Attracting, developing and retaining the best people is without doubt the single biggest challenge for any business. If during an interview you were asked by a red hot candidate how will you help develop their career and skills, could you answer it? And, more importantly, could you evidence it?

*Iain White is an estate agency trainer and mentor at Agency Mentors

info@agencymentors.com/ @agencymentors / facebook.com/Agency-Mentors-154305918272820

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