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Then your fears are pretty much the same as most estate agent employees.

If you’ve worked for a high street agent for any length of time, you’ll know that like so many other sectors, online competition is a big challenge to the survival of high street agencies.
And the agents that fail to adapt will likely end up going the way of other businesses who failed to adapt to the online word (Woolworths and Blockbuster spring immediately to mind).

The question is: where will you be when the bottom falls out of the high street estate agent industry?  In the line at the job centre, or thriving in charge of your very own business?

If I’ve written to the right person then the following is true:
You work hard, you’re good with clients and you know your local territory well.
If you’re like most agents though, you’re frustrated that however hard you work you can’t seem to increase your own earnings as competition grows from new, low-cost online entrants. Instructions are down and the pressure on fees has never been higher.


In their first 4 months of launching EweMove Basingstoke, Mark Holmes and Robert Bassett listed 57 properties earning £146,321 of potential income!

With 35 years of experience in running estate agencies between the two of them, Mark and Robert are no strangers to the property world, and this – combined with EweMove’s unique approach - allowed them to hit the ground running when opening up their EweMove branch in Basingstoke.
There was no “bedding in” period or time to acclimatise – Mark and Robert signed up £18,000 of commission income in their very first month and listed 10 properties; making an immediate return on their investment:
"We looked at four or five different franchise opportunities, but it was clear to us that nothing comes close to EweMove’s offer.
A customer being able to speak to someone 24 hours a day, seven days a week and book a valuation online, to an agent who works with innovative cloud-based software, EweMove is truly embracing technology to its fullest – this is absolutely the way that the industry is heading and I’m delighted to have made the decision to join.”

Mark Holmes & Robert Bassett

Branch Directors, EweMove Basingstoke

Would you like to discover how you can replicate Mark & Robert's success?

Since EweMove launched in 2013, we’ve built a network of over 100 franchisees, each operating on their own patch.
Our model really does work brilliantly. Our mix of digital and offline marketing is exceptional (we’ve won lots of shiny awards for our innovation and marketing).
On average our franchisees generate 41 new seller & landlord valuation enquiries per month. Many of our top performers are getting over 100…
And because our marketing is ‘done for you’ you can quite simply turn the lead supply dial up or down. The only limit on your earnings is your ambition.
My question to you is –
“How many of these valuation requests do you think you’d be able to convert into instructions?”
Or put another way:
"If you had 41 highly qualified leads delivered to your desk each month, how much money would YOU make in sales commissions?"
If your employer is struggling to generate you enough leads, but you do well at converting the leads you do get, we need to talk. 
We get THOUSANDS of leads every month – our problem is we have too many and we’re letting our customers down because we don’t have the capacity to convert them all.
…that’s why I wanted to invite YOU to become part of the EweMove team now.

I know that you're already working within the industry, and that's precisely why I'm writing to you

  • You’re already an established player in your local property market
  • You already understand how powerful and profitable traditional “no sale – no fee” commission earnings can be
  • You’ve already got all the skills you need to operate under the EweMove banner and start actually building your own castle, rather than being part of someone else's crumbling one.

Let me tell you a bit more about EweMove,
so you can decide for yourself whether
getting involved is a good idea

As a hybrid agent we deal with both sales and lettings - with a centralised administration team.
We never compete on price or charge low upfront fees.
EweMove franchisees don’t need an office, but some of them have got them as their businesses has grown.
Our success is based upon winning out purely on service, and our reviews back that up. That philosophy has led to us being ranked “The UK’s most trusted agent” on Trustpilot with a rating of 9.9 out of 10.
And because we have centralised marketing, 24/7 call handling and reduced portal costs, we can operate efficiently.
It’s that winning combination of low cost and high margins that has made our business model super successful.
But underpinning all of our success is our award winning Ewereka! Property Management system.
We’ve built it from scratch and it delivers to customers what they want, but more importantly, when they want it.

Here are just a few of the things our Property Management System can do:

  • Customers can book viewings and appraisals online or by phone 24 hours a day
  • They can engage in Live Chat at any time (and interestingly 49% of our chats take place outside of normal office hours)
  • Sellers get automatic updates on their property sale progress
  • Landlords get real-time updates on all activity wherever they are in the world
  • Tenants can apply online or by phone whenever it suits them. And it’s free to apply. So whilst other Letting Agents will struggle with the tenant fees ban, we’ve long since future proofed our business.
Now I’m just scratching the surface here and I could go on and on. But because we take and book viewing calls, you can run a business without loads of expensive admin staff, which has a dramatic impact on your bottom line.
Against the backdrop of your need to provide a 24/7 service and the march of online agents, you don’t need me to tell you that stock is desperately short and the pressure on fees has never been so bad. And it’s getting worse by the day.


Here’s what I suggest.
Evolution is all about the survival of the fittest. The winners will be the smart people, like Russell Burrington, who have the foresight to adapt and change quickly. That’s why I’m offering you the opportunity to “future-proof” your income by setting out on your own step and into the shoes of a EweMove franchisee.
I believe a partnership with EweMove gives you a one-time opportunity not only to safeguard your future, but also to build your own estate agency business and take control of your destiny.
You won’t be the first estate agent employee to make the jump. Russell has taken the decision and here’s what he had to say:
“I realised the only way to make good money was to go out and do it for myself and I knew that to stand out from the crowd I had to offer something different and that’s what drew me to EweMove.
Everything EweMove does is t help you achieve. The support and tools provided are out there for you to do what you do best – signing up instructions!”
Russell Burrington (formerly of Stags Estate Agency)
EweMove Barnstaple


Well, our clear plan is to rapidly grow our coverage across the UK. That means we’ll be searching for and supporting someone to run a EweMove franchise in your area. If it’s not you, well, we’ll have to appoint someone else, there’s only room for one.
I’ll be straight with you – the lion’s share of our normal franchise fee is spent on finding the franchisee and then training them to become an estate agent. But you’re already up to speed.
And because you already know what you're doing, if you come on board as a franchisee, I can DRAMATICALLY reduce the up front cost to you.
Our normal up front cost for a franchise is £19,995 +VAT, but if you agree with me that EweMove will enable you to secure your future in estate agency, and help you to live the life you want and you decide to join us, then I’ll reduce that front end cost to just £1,995 +VAT.
To benefit from this offer you must register your interest with us before someone else takes your area!
That means you can operate you own hugely profitable and cutting edge EweMove franchise for only £1,995 down.
To be clear, you’re not ‘buying a job’ here. You’re buying a business, which in the future can become a very saleable asset. You’ll need to have some savings to support your business, but you can start for only a fraction of the cost when compared to setting up a branch on your own.
As well as that hugely discounted initial fee to buy into the franchise, you'll have an ongoing investment of a £1,000 monthly license fee that includes the lion's share of what you'll need to run your business:
Here’s What’s Included in your low monthly license investment
What you’d expect to pay each month to set up a new branch
Ewereka! Software
£1,200 (based on Reapit)
Call Answering and Admin Support
£2,000 staff member cost
Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location
£1,300 Rightmove / £600 Zoopla
Floor Plan & Inspection Software
£50 Metropix / £100 Inspection
2 x video email licenses
Local Branch Website
Solicitor Helpline for legal queries
Pay Per Click Management
£500 (Google Digital Agency Winner)
Royal Mail Leaflet Management
Estimated Cost
(saving you over £6,000 per month)
To discuss these savings and how you could benefit, call one of the team today on 01274 888788
You’re saving around six grand a month here on typical office costs – and don’t get me wrong, of course you can negotiate on portal costs and make do with a budget template website and chip away at some of these numbers.
But don’t forget, our model doesn’t require an office, rent, rates, or staff. Start plugging these extra numbers in and you can see how we’ve disrupted the market and why the writing is on the wall for traditional ‘Blockbuster’ Estate Agents.
In addition, you’ll also pay for your marketing which you’d expect to pay anyway – our proven plan will cost you around £2,000 a month – which’ll easily covered by one sale.
This takes care of your spend on:
  • Pay per click on Google, Facebook and Bing
  • 10,000 leaflets delivered via Royal Mail every 4 weeks
  • Direct mail to houses for sale and new enquiries
  • Stationery, business cards and personalised books and boards
As part of the EweMove network, the one thing you’ll never have to worry about is generating leads!
Because we track everything, we know where your leads are coming from, and what they cost, so we know what works (and we can do more of it).
Over the last 3 months, our franchisee in Barnstaple is investing just £113 per signed instruction for a house sale. On average he earns £2,405 per sale, that’s a 21x return on investment before his other costs!

Our fee structure couldn't be simpler.
You'll only pay us:

  • £250 per sale/let (tenant find only) upon completion
  • £100 per managed let upon completion
Crucially you only pay us when a house sells or lets. So you’re only paying upon success.
You’re not getting tied up in an agreement that doesn’t benefit you – our success is dependent on yours, so we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve it.
And remember, the prize here is massive. You’ll be jumping on board with one of the fastest growing and most exciting Estate Agency brands in the UK, and you’ll be doing what you love doing best.


We beat off stacks of competition to win the gold award for ‘Estate Agency Franchise of the Year’ award 2016.
I know you’ll have questions before you’re ready to move forwards here, so let’s get them answered for you.
We can even send you your own Earnings Model spreadsheet to play with, where you can plug in house values, typical rents and commissions in your patch to see just how much more money you could be earning (you’ll be very surprised by the results!).
The best way to find out if a EweMove franchise could be right for you is to start by requesting a FREE franchise information pack. You’ve got nothing to lose by enquiring:
Just CLICK HERE to get yours now
This is a fantastic opportunity to secure a bright, long future in this industry.  
I’m really looking forward to working closely with the best person who decides to take the plunge in your area and join forces with EweMove - I know that it'll be a decision that they're very glad they made, for themselves, and their loved ones.
All the best,
The Recruitment Team

Still Not Sure?

If you're simply curious to find out more the best thing to do is

Request our free information pack


It tells you everything you need to know, including how much you could earn in your own area.
You've got nothing to lose by requesting the pack, so don't miss out.

“For other estate agents looking, I spent the last year looking at other options, and having worked for Romans, probably one of the best independents certainly in the home counties, and for Countrywide, it was big move for me to move from running 16 offices to doing something on my own.
We wanted to make sure we got in bed with the right people.”
Mark Holmes - EweMove Basingstoke