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I hope you don't mind me asking a question about selling my house on here (I work in the industry but I am not an Estate Agent) but just wondered if other agents would be doing the same as my agent is. When we instructed them we said we might have to do a 'home change' program with some house builders (basically they sell the house for us) as we were looking to buy a new build and didn't want to miss out on the plot. We were proactive and instructed the agents before the plot was released to try and sell first, but always explained this might be the situation. We were with the agent for 10 weeks and had no luck selling (in fact it was a nightmare, only 5 viewings, they were late to 4 out the 5, they lied about a viewing taking place - I caught them out on our CCTV, didn't once have a call to update us to how things were going etc etc). The plot then became available with the house builders so we started on their home change program. I had been telling the agents this was coming for at least a month. I phoned up yesterday to cancel our contract only to be told we were tied to the 28 days notice. The person who assured us it would be find to switch onto the home change has now left and the director is holding us to the contract (I know now I should have gotten something in writing). I just wondered if as agents you would do the same? They haven't sold the house in 10 weeks so what is going to change now - what is the point in being so petty over it? In my eyes, it is so shortsighted, I am now going to tell everyone I know not to use the agents - even if they are only acting to their contract, a bit of goodwill wouldn't hurt. However if you all come back and say you would do they same maybe I will feel a bit less bitter about the whole situation. Thanks for any opinions you have.