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Christian Woodhouse
Christian Woodhouse
Head of Data & Strategic Products
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Lover of all things data, tech and innovation within the real estate sector.

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18 years in the sectors with a varied selection of organisations.

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Christian Woodhouse
Hi James, I do agree with you in that RM are in a very difficult position as there are only a few avenues they can go down in terms of innovating. I said this to Eddie and I still stand by this, albeit slightly revised but the sentiment is the same. Digital transformation is happening all around us and in so many ways. What I see is that RM are looking at where the industry will be in 5-10 years’ time. The number of estate agents is likely to reduce and real estate networks, on blockchain platforms will increase. These platforms will bring everyone involved in a property transaction together, to provide an end to end transparent solution (listings, mortgage acceptance, conveyancing, settlements, land registry & tax payment). Land & property data is become so much more accessible and open, plus the government are making the right noises to push the private sector to innovate and provide this data up front. Not HIPS per se but a similar concept, delivered with the consumers interest at its core. With live property data 24/7 and transparency throughout the transaction, the value of the estate agent is diminished. So, at this point we have to think about what value there is for an estate agent in this future process? Valuations, listing properties, organising & conducting viewings, negotiating offers. Some of this could be done by a machine, an AI bot, removing even more value from an estate as we think of them today. Having said all that, the other likely option and possibly more likely is that they trial clicktopurchase and if successful they buy the technology. RM will then roll it out to all their estate agent clients. This would save the agents a lot of money because eventually they will have to do this! End to end digital solutions like this can only benefit the industry. They will provide total transparency for every party involved, reduce the time it takes to buy/sell property and increase certainty around the sale. Now, I could have this totally wrong and who knows what the future holds, but I hope transaction times are significantly reduced, with low fraud risks and a much better digital experience for everyone.

From: Christian Woodhouse 17 July 2019 10:46 AM

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