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Nick Richards

From: Nick Richards 09 December 2016 10:17 AM

Nick Richards

From: Nick Richards 10 June 2016 10:52 AM

Nick Richards
I'm sorry, but after watching the portal 'wars' and their impact on agency business over the last few years, I must comment on this... Lots of new portals tried to enter the existing market place, but pretty much all failed. Anyone remember the much vaunted Look4aProperty, backed by James Caan? - try to find any trace of it now - it's long dead. NeedaProperty succumbed too; it's only live now as Hauser bought the domain and technology. Others came and went too, or are barely clinging on somewhere - and I remember Google themselves getting in on the act, but then giving up once they realised what they had gotten themselves into. Zoopla would have been one of the also-rans too, if it hadn't been for the fact that the already established Property Finder was put up for sale. Before acquiring PF, Zoopla was rarely visited and looked like it was going nowhere, but then once they bought PF, they suddenly had all of PF's traffic. They were than able to consolidate this and through some clever mergers and acquisitions, incl with DPG, they reached the number 2 spot. If DPG had instead got their hands on PF, then they would still be the number 2 and Zoopla would be a footnote somewhere. And this is why Ian's policy of '1 other portal' makes perfect sense. With all the agents and thus all the properties pretty much found on either RM or Zoopla, why would a house hunter look anywhere else? Agents Mutual would find it nigh on impossible to gain any traction, unless they bought an already established and visited portal - and there were none left! And a 'no other portal' rule just wouldn't work - not for a brand new portal that needs to have some time to enter the public's consciousness. In short, RM milk us, Zoopla got lucky when they managed to buy PF - and then a little while later started to milk us. At least AM are trying to redress the balance somewhat and give us back some control; we just need to ride with it until the recognition and search engine listing picks up even more.

From: Nick Richards 27 July 2015 12:41 PM

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