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"The ASA is a non-statutory organisation and so cannot interpret or enforce legislation. " Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advertising_Standards_Authority_(United_Kingdom) "Ultimately if advertisers and broadcasters persistently break the Advertising Codes and don’t work with us, we can and do refer them to other bodies for the further action, such as Trading Standards or Ofcom. " Source https://www.asa.org.uk/codes-and-rulings/sanctions.html Extract of email from the ASA to me: "because Zoopla have said that “withdrawn” properties could include properties sold by PurpleBricks on their own website. While I appreciate you took the data at face value, your reliance on it does render the claims in your ads misleading because your claims assume that all properties cited as “withdrawn” have not been sold. We have not concluded that all properties marked as withdrawn have been sold elsewhere. Instead, we have concluded that it cannot be assumed that all properties marked as withdrawn have ¬not been sold elsewhere" So, a property marked as "sold" in ZPG commercial data might be withdrawn and a property marked as withdrawn might be sold or still for sale, or either status or, in the case of more than one property we checked having three or more conflicting statuses over several sources of information (Purplebricks own website, Rightmove, HMRC and Zoopla). If simple headings cannot be relied upon, the data is unreliable. It is reasonable to rely on a commercial data suppliers' data. It is reasonable to expect where several data classifications are used in the same document that they do, indeed, represent that status. I.e. Sold means the property has sold (completed), for sale means the property is still for sale and, withdrawn means the property has been withdrawn which, logically and reasonably, given an alternative and clear status of 'sold' should indicate that the property has been withdrawn as unsold.

From: Chris Wood 12 July 2018 21:48 PM

Chris Wood
Mr Lawson. I am happy to stand by whatever Cornwall Trading Standards rule on this matter. They are the statutory authority who has jurisdiction over this matter. I am also happy to answer reasonable questions posed by anyone with reasonable intelligence and good manners. I am not of the opinion that you meet that criteria. Until such time as Cornwall TSO rule on this matter, there is no one with statutory authority who has made any ruling about the legality or otherwise of my post. Making verbal or written statements that imply or state otherwise should, therefore, be considered carefully. My article makes it clear that the sample refers to a specific geographic area and that the figures quoted nationally are an extrapolation of that area. A practice that many advertisers utilise but don't perhaps, always make so clear. The ASA also make it clear that the data on which the original blog was based was verified by ZPG as not having been tampered with or altered by me and, subsequently, allege that ZPG admits that the data headings supplied by ZPG may not be reliable. The ASA also imply that ZPG seem aware that they have commercially supplied information which may have been recorded differently on different databases without being cross-referenced against open source government data. Not directly related to my blog but you might also wish to consider that Mr Bruce CEO of Purplebricks PLC publicly stated to the BBC that his company sold (completed) on 88% of everything they list. His successor, when interviewed by the BBC, was very keen to water that down to a 78% listing to STC ratio. Perhaps you might like to direct your immense logic and time to find an answer to that question which thousands of people will almost certainly have used to rely on when choosing what to invest in or who to sell through.

From: Chris Wood 12 July 2018 17:53 PM

Chris Wood

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