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laurence meade
Any body who uses any agent has to know what they are doing. It is quite possible to happily use a bad agent if you know how to, "expertly put the boot in when needed" and get the transaction back on a good path. This has to be done in a firm and friendly way of course. The converse is also true. A good agent can make a mistake and again you need to be on the ball to help out stop your losses. There are other ways to reduce the stress. Never pay large deposits. It only takes a couple of pounds to legally secure a contract. You can walk away from that with little fear of retribution unless it is entirely your fault. There are many ways to part a seller from their true sale price. The most common (with fifty years experience) is selling your property to a friend of the agent and not telling you other buyers were available. If you do not have a lot of capital you can risk then stay away from auctions or at lease just go and watch a good few first. There are a lot of tricks that are possible to rig auctions and they are usually impossible to prove. As said, reviews are a difficult subject. Always understand who is complaining about what. Very few householders know much about anything technical in a house. The same goes for estate agents' staff. I have just been out to a house where the agent reported the shower head was not working. Utter rubbish. The hot water tank thermostat had failed and the hot water tank was at boiler temperature. The shower tap did not stand a chance but there is nothing wrong with it.

From: laurence meade 19 December 2017 10:47 AM

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