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Rodger Clark
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Rodger Clark

From: Rodger Clark 25 August 2016 11:57 AM

Rodger Clark
James portal juggling is illegal, agents do this but it is illegal. It is essentially falsifying figures, if you did that to HMRC you would end up in chains, if you do it on the property portals you should be banned plain and simple. I have been asked by my clients to generate interest by relisting property and I have said that it is illegal. If they want to relist after x weeks they have to leave for another company. A 2 week marketing break just is not acceptable either - then over the last 18 months a property can be advertised as new to the market when it has been listed fro 17.5 months previous. they don't use this just to relist new properties to create interest they use it to fiddle figures and relist properties that have gone under offer at lower asking prices so that they can say they always achieve 98% of asking price. Then they publicise these figures to inflate their position in the marketplace. This has a knock on effect of 'selling' the property in a very short space of time and again you see 'we on average take 8 weeks to sell your property'. These are falsified figures generated by manipulating the listings giving everyone a false view of the property market. PB 'supposedly' listed 3000 new properties this month and they are having investment based on these figures - god knows how many are actually false and how many investors have placed money in good faith with figures being fudged. Also James do you think that the owner down the street from this relisted property will be happy knowing that it's just a trick to get more interest? how will they feel that the house up the street can be advertised as 'new to the market' when it clearly isn't and that their property should get the same treatment. Then we have a free for all and no one knows what is going on. SHOCKING that anyone would condone portal juggling

From: Rodger Clark 28 April 2016 12:17 PM

Rodger Clark

From: Rodger Clark 26 February 2016 14:55 PM

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