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Richard Rawlings
Richard Rawlings
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Richard Rawlings
Having spent the past 20 years researching fee techniques and specialising in helping British estate agents increase their otherwise pathetic commission percentage, I do have some observations here! Firstly, I’m not sure that the percentages quoted for some of these countries is anywhere near correct. Having trained agents in both Australia and France, I can tell you that you’d struggle to find an agent charging as much as 5.7% in Australia – the average is usually 2%-3% (as professor Google will confirm). Likewise, you’d be very lucky to find an agent charging as little as 3.9% in France – where up to 10% is the norm (possibly the poorest value in the world – they are always at lunch!) However, that aside, the issue is not how much relative fees are in monetary terms, but the value an estate agents brings to the sale. In South Africa, where I consistently charged 7% for several years, once the sale is agreed, the agents’ fees are due, as they are in the USA (6%). No linked transactions, no liaising with solicitors or surveyors, not gazumping/gazundering, etc. Arguably poor value compared with the hassles we have to deal with in the UK to hold a sale together. We do an incredible amount here, but most importantly, it’s our ability to negotiate a better deal than the seller could have done themselves, as well as all the onward sales progression that easily justifies a higher fee. If we can’t secure 5%-10% more than the seller then we are not worth our fee, which frankly should be at least 2% as it is for many of those agents who have attended my fee-raising seminars over the years. And by the way, now is the perfect time to increase yours too! Have a great day!

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