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Keith Russell
Keith Russell
Senior Partner
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Have been an estate agent from boy to man. Have known nothing else, so one could say it runs through my veins.

my expertise in the industry

Old age & lots of experience.

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Keith Russell
I started my career in 1982, where I first took home £150.00 per month as trainee. My Parents said I was being taken advantage of but I could see the future. Literally 3 years later I reached the dizzy heights of earning 38k in 1985. I cannot work out the relativity to income that would be today, but I do know at 21 I owned a house bought for £135,000 which I know today would be worth £700,000, so this does put this into some perspective. All this being due to unbelievable numbers of transactions. I remember well that our week started on Saturday, where our target of agreed sales by close of play on the Monday was 7 or 8 properties. We tended to eventually sell around 12-15 properties per week and complete on around 40 properties a month. This did only bring in about 60k but with an office commission of 5% plus a mere basic of 10k the commission was the driving factor. Those were the days where we literally worked from 8am - 8pm 13 days on 1 day off. At one point the directors made us open on Wednesdays until 10pm, which when only having a phone on your desk meant we personally contacted people right up until this time. I don't think people would do this today but they were great fun.... no Political Correctness in sight. Although as a non smoker it would have been nice to be in an office that wasn't full of ashtrays and smoke. I expect there are others out there that remember these days, but thought I would share this with people in this industry that joined after the mad 80's.

From: Keith Russell 04 June 2020 08:55 AM

Keith Russell

From: Keith Russell 13 May 2020 15:37 PM

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