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What is it with estate agents (not just these guys) ? that the only way they can see to be competitive is to chop their fees. To be competitive does not mean to be cheaper, it means to offer more value. There are two parts to value... cost and return. Both can be manipulated to increase value and therefore increase competitiveness. Every survey I have seen of vendors and what they want from an estate agent, low fees is way down the list. There are only so many properties on your patch that will be for sale, you can't make more, common sense tells me that I should be finding ways of getting more out of each one not less. The call centre agencies that are expanding at the moment, that is all they have to compete with.. lower fees. That's it, that is all they have. They are not local, they are not better, they don't do more, they are just cheap. But, they are getting away with it for one reason. To the public, estate agents are all the same, and if they are all the same then I may as well have the cheapest. It is a race to the bottom that you can't and don't want to win. Why would you wish to compete with them on their terms.. low fees ? those who do are falling into their trap. Failing to sufficiently and tangibly differentiate themselves from the crowd will be the death of many High Street agents. Those who are marketers not listers, merchandisers not shelf stackers, sales people not order takers, negotiators not passers on of offers, they will survive and prosper. The others ? nah !

From: Blue Blue 09 December 2016 09:39 AM

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