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Babek  Ismayil
Babek Ismayil
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Founder and CEO of OneDome.

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Babek  Ismayil

From: Babek Ismayil 29 September 2020 17:44 PM

Babek  Ismayil
Dear Michael, Thank you for your kind comments. Just to clarify the free text search on its own isn't the main point. We built it as free text as a solution to the requests from our user testing. When we asked consumers what they wanted out of their portal experience, their answer was "more filters". Obviously building an interface with 100 filters would be suboptimal, so we had to come up with an alternative solution. Our free text isn't just based on "keyword search". Free text search is backed up by the NLP engine that we have been training for a while now and by our Locality Reality algorithms that we have been testing with users for 2 years. LR scores every individual property based on a number of criteria consumers care about when they think about the property like the availability of good schools, groceries, parks, transport etc. Our search engine is in its infancy but will allow consumers to search by their needs rather than by location. As people search more and more it will get better and better in recognising certain patterns in consumer behaviour. We have embedded a lot of different technology solutions to test and understand consumer behaviour. The main problem we aim to solve is how to make the property buying process simpler and easier for every party involved. We believe the only way to achieve that is by building a collaborative communication platform allowing all key stakeholders in any given transaction to collaborate. None of the major portals has focused on that part of the user journey which we know, based on various research pieces and surveys, is the most stressful part of the process. We don’t claim to be able to fix all of the issues consumers have with a property transaction in one go, but we are certainly committed to making it happen and we have over 40 strong product and engineering team to support that goal. We have a long pipeline of products that we will be bringing to the market after the initial beta phase which we will make public in due course.

From: Babek Ismayil 28 February 2019 07:59 AM

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