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From: Middle Management 13 May 2020 17:38 PM

Middle Management
How very dare you Mr. Long! Most of the staff have never heard about you before today or indeed even met you, the moment AP has gone you now decide that CW need to re-focus, for your information we at the “coal face” have been nothing but focused it is the likes of you and the rest of the senior management that should have been focused some three years ago but no you did diddlysquat! Nobody can recall you or any other senior manager saying anything remotely like this before today! Staff at branch level having being saying this since the day AP was appointed (particularly after meeting her) and as a consequence were a) managed out b) told by senior management “yes you are quite right but we are going to have to be quiet, keep our own counsel and wait until AP has gone (which will be any day or the next day or…) as we are not prepared to speak out otherwise we will also lose our jobs” c) “Don’t be silly she knows what she is doing so let’s all believe the fake news and ridiculous rhetoric as it must make sense?” How can AP with a straight face or with any level of integrity take this money? This is just another example of what this country has become and the injustices we all see on a daily basis. Even now she can’t accept any responsibility, she is still coming out with “fake news “that we have all had to put up with for years, I have not met one other person within CW at ANY level that had ONE good word to say about her or her “strategy” after actually meeting her that understand the business, in her defence that were some within the company that would not agree this, which speaks volumes for the predicament we are now in. AP and the rest of the senior team have very nearly destroyed a once great company that was market leader in several sectors of the property business whilst the entire senior management sat there and nodded their heads at her, these same people have the audacity to think we are going to accept them as our new leaders? You’re now saying we need to re-focus! No what WE need is for you all to sod off and be replaced by people that we know of and can actually trust to lead us out of this mess YOU assisted in creating, take your fat cheques and the let real workers to get us out of this…..

From: Middle Management 24 January 2018 15:10 PM

Middle Management
After recently leaving Countrywide I can personally vouch for the fact that any figures reported by Alison Platt or another will at best be “manipulated” to suite requirements or perhaps somewhat more likely will be a blatant lie, the few offices that have had a improvement will have done so by the very virtue of the additionally marketing they enjoyed albeit for a limited period of time and absolutely nothing to do with the “product” on offer, indeed we were trained to talk people out of the “product” if at all possible whilst giving the client all “options”, the online offering is seen by Countrywide as nothing other than a headline rate to entice the client to the “full/same” offering with office assistance which in reality they usually received anyway due to the system being horrific for people to use. During the end of my period of employment I was personally instructed to remove appraisals from the system by my regional director, the reason for falsify the real number of valuations actually carried out was that the director was under pressure to make the conversion not appear as horrific as it actually was for the territory. The branch I was located at had been a successful office until this and numerous other equally as ridiculous decisions were made by persons deemed wholly unqualified by the majority of the workforce, there were numerous other offices in the same territory in a similar situation therefore it would stand to reason other people were directed to carry out the same falsifications to keep the territory’s conversation rate somewhere near an acceptable level to the powers that be. What remains of the senior management team at Countrywide do not have what it takes to speak to the truth as they would be seen as disruptive or anti corporate message and have in the main become nothing more then nodding donkeys whilst WhatsApping each other with what they dare not actually say for fear of loosing their jobs with other equally minded managers and ridiculing their now more successful colleagues i.e. those who can nod their heads the most. The result of all this is the state of the share price, the number of staff leaving and what is left of the senior management team being a bunch of gutless, nodding donkeys, happily smiling away and doing absolutely nothing whilst the company disintegrates around them because they are too scared or even worse they actually believe the way the company is heading is the best interests of all, those that would dare to speak the truth have long since been pushed or jumped accordingly.

From: Middle Management 07 November 2017 16:08 PM

Middle Management
Further to my previous comment please allow me to finish, the only question in relation to the "Hybrid" propersition is why on earth is it not fully operational throughout the company by now? And why are the people responable for this debacle still working for the company oh that's right because they reside in the same clueless world as the senior management team where no matter what is really happening everything is "brilliant" or "amazing". Everyone who has worked at countrywide for any period of time will tell you that staff moral has never ever been as low as the last year or so and then to the remove or reduce the end of year profit commission away days before the end of year no doubt to make the company appear more profitable is a disgrace! Something that has literally never happened before in the company but no doubt this was a "brilliant" and "amazing" thing to happen to the staff in question. For the fortunate uninitiated of you if you walked into the experience of "colleague training" you would think you had walked into an American style cult in full flow. The regional management team have yet again been put through their annual culling or "building our future" as Alison and her companions call it and the embattled survivors are on theirs knees and like the rest of the staff have no faith in any of the people at the top who quite clearly do not understand the business or how it needs to evolve, not that they or anyone else is allowed to voice an opinion any more as if the vocabulary you use does not match the company's religious sound bites you will be invited to a meeting where you will be leaving you car keys on your way out whilst being told how "amazing" and "brilliant" you were.

From: Middle Management 13 January 2017 13:13 PM

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