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James Lambert

From: James Lambert 30 June 2017 15:42 PM

James Lambert
The investment and rhetotic relating to the online agent issue is reminicent of the Dot Com Bubble and the business model is still yet to be a solid and proven proposition accross all market conditions. Traditional agents are routed in their local comunities and providing they offer good customer service and combine this with the best of available technology then those traditional agents will have the ability to grow develop and grow organically notwithstanding that their advertising budgets are directed mostly towards promoting their vendor clients properties as opposed to the on line agents advertising spent mainly promoting them selves and their share price. The majority of vendors are reluctant to pay moving costs up front. This was amply demonstrated during the Home Information pack era. A proportion of sellers clearly are prepard to take the risk of up front fees to an online only agent during a sellers market, but sooner or later the market will revert to a buyers market and in those market conditions vendors will be far more reluctant to risk up front selling fees. The other aspect too are the so called self employed local property experts, the back bone of the online agent, they in particular are very vulnerable to a change in market conditions and will throw in the towel in droves when the market turns or indeed when the budgets for the high profile national TV and Radio advertising the business model so relys on drys up. It is interesting to note that online agents are aching only a 48% success rate which falls far short of many of the best traditional agents, but Sarah Beeny is correct in that traditional estate agent estate agents are going to be around for a long long time yet.

From: James Lambert 20 June 2017 09:56 AM

James Lambert

From: James Lambert 08 June 2017 16:15 PM

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