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Mark Scobey
Interesting article. Taking the ZPG acquisition of Hometrack, have you considered that ZPG could be lining up to go direct? Other proptech investments by ZPG (Vieweet 360 being one) seems to indicate more consumer based products rather than agent focused. Both MoveIT and uSwitch provide additional consumer data that marries well with Hometrack. Doing some very quick and dirty maths, ZPG only needs around 5% of the UK residential sales market to cover all the revenue lost by no longer being a portal. I've been watching Trussle for a while and I suspect they will have a greater impact on the housing market than all the other proptech gadgets and gizmos put together. I actually think there's already enough products and services for the high street agent to successfully leverage technology for commercial advantage. There's a raft of CRM's, valuation, messaging and marketing options to piece together a coherent and connected property experience. But, the agent is only one pillar of the property process. Finance and legal are the other two. Trussle could be the start of an emerging market that simplifies the financial side of buying and selling. Legal is a bigger challenge as it's an industry stooped in tradition having been pretty much the same for hundreds of years. There's a company called Juro who are using artificial intelligence to create employment contracts. It's not too much of a stretch to see this extended to conveyancing. Digital house contracts created in seconds is a real possibility. Why is this relevant? One of the investors in Juro is also an investor in ZPG! So with a strong property website, CRM technology, price comparison software, self-instructing technology and an interest in AI contracts, ZPG only needs finance to over a complete instruction to completion model with or without estate agents. What's the betting that Alex Chesterman's already got Ishaan Malhi on speed dial...?

From: Mark Scobey 08 February 2017 11:07 AM