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Doug Gilbert
Hi there I’m extremely pleased to see that our press release has had so many reviews and that people have taken the time to comment. At Moving Swiftly On we always welcome any feedback whether it be positive or constructive criticism so that we can improve our services. It may come as a surprise to those that have commented on our press release that we actually agree with many of your concerns. I would love to take this opportunity to try and answer any queries and to try and show how our business model can really help the high street agents. The biggest issue facing any new company, and a point brought up in the comments, is always going to be marketing to the general public. We completely understand people’s skepticism over whether we can do this. It is indeed a mammoth task and not one that we take lightly. Overreaching was something we were concerned with so in order to prevent passing extra costing over to estate agents we have had to design a business model where by our running costs were minimum and allowing maximum revenues generated to be passed over into marketing budget, which is something that we are proud to say we have achieved. This will allow us for many years to continue without the fear of drowning in our growing overheads. Up to this point with the utilisation of social media and common marketing techniques we have seen an amazing return from the general public registering their interests in both sides of our service; registering their details if they are selling/renting their home, and to also to receive property alerts in their chosen areas. Now that we have a significant number of agents signed up more aggressive advertising campaigns will begin from November to facilitate the growing this need. With regards to the scope of our business, it is worth remembering that we are not attempting to take on the major portals as that would be a futile task. We know that there have been companies in the past that have tried this and ultimately failed. Our services do not allow the general public to search for properties, we simply offer a more efficient method of allowing them to register their details with each agent, so this should be seen as a tool more than an alternative platform. The second issue that was brought up with our business was ‘how will we survive if it’s free? It is true that it is completely free for agents to sign up, it is also free for agents to send property alerts to any prospective buyers or tenants. However, as with any lead generation company we do charge a small administration fee for agents priced at £5 per lead, to send company biographies, quotes, list of their services and contact details. We had no intention of adopting a commission based payment structure, like some of competitors as it seemed poor value for money and a subscription based model for agents would not have been fair as you could have been paying a monthly fee and perhaps not receiving any information on new leads. The beauty of our system means that agents can send property alerts for free and there is no need to credit your account if there are no sellers or landlords there, once signed up the site will always notify you if someone has registered in your area so you have nothing to lose. Will it work? Again, only time will tell. However, all the indications suggest that we have a fighting chance. We have had a significant number of agents sign up including, Hunters, Century21, Belvoir, Haart and Fineandcountry and received some very positive feedback from our generated leads. I hope I have answered any queries, but at the same time would welcome any new feedback or suggestions as to how we can improve our services to assist agents. The rate of success of our business will ultimately rely on the number of agents we have signed up. Even if the majority of the UK population used our tools, we need agents to send the property alerts and company biographies. We hope the high street will see the benefit of our services and that we are trying to assist them with the battle of the online agents.

From: Doug Gilbert 27 October 2016 22:21 PM

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