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Up until recently I have been a staunch supporter of traditional estate agents, I was one for many years and had always been anti online agents, with the opinion that their cheap fees and low service levels ie sellers doing virtually everything them selves and the agents putting it online and then sitting back and waiting for enquires. However having been out of the EA business for a few years and now buying and selling as a developer I can see that there is very little difference between the high st and online models. Bearing in mind I’m registered with at least 500 high st agents across London and the Home Counties I get maybe 5 calls a week from agents, mostly about properties that don’t match my criteria, in addition I get 1000’s of emails from agents who are simple sending me everything on their books repeatedly. Therefore I might as well look online my self as at least I can filter the results. This approach drives me insane given my 15 years experience as an agent, it’s a scatter gun approach, devoid of all skill and makes the high st agents no better than the online agents with the exception that they are considerably more expensive than the onliners. In my opinion it’s nice to be able to walk into an office and speak to someone but at the end of the day it’s the agents ability to sell that counts, and I never thought I’d say it but high Street agents are no better than the online agents now and they should be the ones reducing their fees not the other way round.

From: Mr P 23 January 2019 07:48 AM

Mr P
The statement of fact that everyone seems to forget-"So, sure, you save $27,000, but if you could have gotten an extra $50,000 on the sale of your house, you're losing money" he says, citing the argument that traditional agents may be able to secure a higher sale price than an online operator “. True in the UK, Canada, America, Australia and the rest of the world. Oh and the comment of helping negotiate is BS it’s all online, there’s no help the agents aren’t interested once the property has been listed and they don’t qualify offers. I offered on a property in 2016 had a call told them I was cash they said “okay but wouldn’t you like to talk to a mortgage advisor” no thanks I don’t need a mortgage”. 2 years later I’m offering on properties and haven’t heard from them.....Traditional agents are suffering globally because these guys have a business model revolved around undercutting to get the business. What’s the expression pay peanuts get Monkeys! Hey there’s an idea maybe someone should start a business called Purple Monkeys and charge 10% less that PB and take over the PB market share. Oh hang on isn’t there an agency that likes sheep that’s trying to do that! Ewe decide! I’ve said this before an I’ll say it again, if your an idiot and think that paying a cheap fee for a company to just stick it online and wait for a buyer to rock up to view who then has to deal with a seller with no sales skills or an agent who doesn’t care whether it sells or not as THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN PAID! Then good luck to you, but why agents moan about PB and don’t launch their own marketing campaigns and actually explain to the public what the differences are between traditional and online is beyond me! Have a great day 🥜🙈

From: Mr P 23 August 2018 08:57 AM

Mr P
So here comes the rant......PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE. I viewed with a Purple Bricks local property expert a while back, first point to discuss was that he had no agency experience he'd gone from a golf pro to estate agent over night and also didn't live local to the property he was selling or know anything about property or the local area. The sellers had paid for the viewing service as the agent showed me round or at least opened the front door and let me have a look around. Viewed with another Purple Bricks agent a few weeks ago again no interest in the property and just followed me around. When I asked if he had anything similar to this on his books or coming up his response was "were not proactive mate you just need to check online for other properties and book a viewing if your interested". If customers knew about this service they wouldn't pay a penny for it and this is what "real" estate agents need to be highlight to potential customers. Once Purple Bricks have your money for listing the house the literally have no incentive or motivation to do anything at all other than sit back and wait for an email to come in (reactive). High St agents need to up their game, what happened to being called by an agent because a property that suit your requirements is coming up, now not all but most agents mass email properties to their clients regardless of whether the meet their criteria on the hope that they will get it right and get an email back to view. No calls and sometimes a text to call them about a random property (wheres the service). Arguably they are being proactive, but effective, I don't think so? So my view is (real) estate agents need to go back to basics and start selling houses the traditional way and show the potential vendors the value of what they can do. Really show them the difference between proactive and reactive and what impact that can have on the result and the price. Get the right price and the fee is irelevant, do a s**t job an they might as well have paid Purple Bricks for the same outcome.

From: Mr P 02 July 2018 14:07 PM

Mr P

From: Mr P 11 September 2017 08:41 AM

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