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So here comes the rant......PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE. I viewed with a Purple Bricks local property expert a while back, first point to discuss was that he had no agency experience he'd gone from a golf pro to estate agent over night and also didn't live local to the property he was selling or know anything about property or the local area. The sellers had paid for the viewing service as the agent showed me round or at least opened the front door and let me have a look around. Viewed with another Purple Bricks agent a few weeks ago again no interest in the property and just followed me around. When I asked if he had anything similar to this on his books or coming up his response was "were not proactive mate you just need to check online for other properties and book a viewing if your interested". If customers knew about this service they wouldn't pay a penny for it and this is what "real" estate agents need to be highlight to potential customers. Once Purple Bricks have your money for listing the house the literally have no incentive or motivation to do anything at all other than sit back and wait for an email to come in (reactive). High St agents need to up their game, what happened to being called by an agent because a property that suit your requirements is coming up, now not all but most agents mass email properties to their clients regardless of whether the meet their criteria on the hope that they will get it right and get an email back to view. No calls and sometimes a text to call them about a random property (wheres the service). Arguably they are being proactive, but effective, I don't think so? So my view is (real) estate agents need to go back to basics and start selling houses the traditional way and show the potential vendors the value of what they can do. Really show them the difference between proactive and reactive and what impact that can have on the result and the price. Get the right price and the fee is irelevant, do a s**t job an they might as well have paid Purple Bricks for the same outcome.

From: Mr P 02 July 2018 14:07 PM

Mr P

From: Mr P 11 September 2017 08:41 AM