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Jane Finch
Jane Finch
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The Professional Movers Association verify and check all of our members so customers can have peace of mind when choosing their removal and storage company. Started in October 2014, we have a unique grading system in place so consumers can tell the difference between members and the cost of their move.


my expertise in the industry

I am a passionate remover who actively campaigns for longer time between exchange and completion, to give customers time to prepare properly for their move. As well as their utility providers who need at least 3 - 4 weeks notice to switch over their services, removal companies need time to plan the logistics of a house removal properly. If the customer is told by estate agents or conveyancers not to contact their removal company until exchange of contract, this very often only gives the removers a few days notice. Would you expect the carriers of your worldly goods, which cost you tens of thousands of pounds, to have just 3 days notice? Well good luck with that!

Removal companies can get booked up weeks in advance, especially during the busy summer season, and school holidays like Easter and Christmas, therefore giving them as much notice as possible is vitally important if you or your client want to move with a good company. The best removers have a good reputation and will get booked up the quickest, so the more time a customer has between exchange and completion the better. The less time between exchange and completion the more likely it is the good removal companies will be booked up, and customers will be scrabbling around at the last minute trying to find someone who can accommodate, and within their budget, and for things to go wrong.

A period of at least 2 - 3 weeks between exchange and completion, if not longer, makes sence for everyone. So please let your clients know to advise their conveyancing solicitors that is what they want at the start of their conveyancing process.

Thanks and don't forget to recommend a Professional Remover http://promovers.org.uk

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Jane Finch
Eddie I accept that you and other conveyancers are upset about being blamed for a slow service and failed completions. I must admit to raising my eyebrows when I read LV's article, so am not at all surprised you have responded. But I do certainly think Matt has a good point. Allowing the client to anticipate the completion date at the very start AND put it in writing definitely does not help the matter. I have brought this point up several times at conveyancing meetings, and everytime a conveyancer says it allows the client to plan, or so "we" know when the client is expecting to move. Well that's all well and good but unrealistic planning isn't going to help anyone. Perhaps you should create a targeted campaign on EAT during the week, when most estate agents read the articles, about the true length of time it takes from finding a buyer and starting the conveyancing process to completion. Beth Rudolf told me the average time is 12 weeks with some taking between 16 - 20 weeks if there are problems. Well if 12 weeks is the average length of time from start to completion, regardless of whether estate agents and consumers think that is slow, why not promote that out. Yes it can be done quicker, but realistically most of the time it doesn't. And I'm sure that isn't from a lack of trying or chasing for signed documents! But estate agents need to know, in no uncertain terms, not to get their client's hopes up with unrealistic and "false" expectations by promising 4 - 6 weeks until completion, when most of the time that time frame is a complete lie. Then perhaps conveyancers wouldn't get blamed so much for slow completions if the client had realistic expectations in the first place.

From: Jane Finch 14 May 2016 19:47 PM

Jane Finch
The removals industry is getting ready for the CHAPS extension time, and in most cases it will cost a lot more than an extra £110 for customers to move home, if they don't get the keys until after 4.00pm. Removers are now starting to put an extra clause into their terms and conditions, that if the keys to the new property aren't received before 4.00pm or 4.30pm, the removal company has the option of delivering on an alternative day - which may not always be the next working day, due to other booked jobs. It is not always feasible to deliver late in the day. If the amount of personal possessions needing to be moved requires a large HGV lorry, there are strict legal drivers hours HGV drivers have to adhere to, which means they may not be able to deliver late. Also the EU working time directive restricts the hours staff can work as well, so it is not just drivers who will be affected. Plus would you like to deliver goods in the dark? Removers do it currently because they have to, to get the job finished. But many are not prepared to be forced, because they have to wait for keys after 5pm. Estate agents and solicitors should warn their clients now that their removals costs probably will get affected by the CHAPS extension time, should their monies not go through before 4pm. With the new extension time starting in the busy summer season, it's the worst possible time to extend the hours. Expect chaos as removers start to be affected by the changes and figure out the best way forward. Not all removers know about the changes, as well as not all estate agents know either, having spoken to quite a few recently who had no clue the changes were coming. It's going to be an interesting summer to say the least!

From: Jane Finch 15 March 2016 07:57 AM

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