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Billy Buff
In my opinion there is room in the market for no more than a couple of on line agents. As has been stated countless times there will always be clients for whom fee is the only thought...and, as has also been said umpteen times, they are exactly the clients we want to avoid. The battle for these "fee obsessed" clients is being fought as we speak on our TV screens, via horrendously expensive adverts, TV adverts which the low fee model of these agents will NEVER be able to maintain once their investors start asking for returns on their cash. As a result of this the only ones who will survive will be those who have, by then, managed to gain some purchase in the "board presence" stakes. The single only company that is making any in roads in this department in my patch (The Midlands) is Purple Bricks. My belief is that as more and more on line only agents fall by the wayside then the remaining few will increase their fees so that they are pretty much in line with normal agents. In fact I wouldn't be at all surprised if, once they have established market share, they don't actually end up opening offices in their busiest areas (cheapest housing stock areas I would guess) much as "we buy any car" has done once it had enough business to allow it to pay for such things. The idea, which must be in the heads of investors and on line company owners alike, that the housing market when looked at nationally will maintain dozens and dozens of on line agents when in fact the existing model proves that any area can only really maintain a handful of successful agents is nothing short of delusional. How exactly is the nation as a whole any different from our local town centre or high street?

From: Billy Buff 07 January 2016 12:04 PM

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