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Marilyn Melville
Marilyn Melville
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Marilyn Melville
I joined this site purely to reply to you, I am not an agency although I have worked for a property developer, and have bought and sold a few times. I research Rightmove fees after having a couple of bad experiences with Angents and wondering how they can justfy their fees. I am horrified to find that one need no formal qualifications to become an agent. I am not sure how or if RM fees are high, I am guessing that their fee is flat fee no matter how many properties on puts on the portal? So doing a quick calcualtion in my head of how many properties the agent, I have incidentally just disinstructed, has on their books against what it lists in this article RM's fees, I do not know how my agent can justify the huge commision for their shoddy service. It seems once an agent has you sihned up, you do not matter anymore. They fail to communicate, fail to follow up, do not do what they promised initially. It is, or seems to be, one big rip off. Personally some bright spar should set up a portal where home owners can list their own properties, maybe even charging a fee for a professional photographer or editorial on the house if the buyer wants it. Charge the seller a fee directly, give the seller more control. I am not talking about YOPA or Doorsteps or bloomin Purple Bricks, something a bit more up market, where a seller can select from within their budget, ie accompanied viewings, professional photographs, editorial, a video tour. I know so many people that angry at estate agents, they have a terrible reputation and rightly so. My recent experience has been abonimable, the agent did not give me weekly updates as promised, they simply send a RM graph?. They lost potential viewers interest by not contacting them quick enough, did not check out viewers positions, too 3 weeks to negotiate an, which they negotiating via EMAIL, the offer eventually went cold. I had to constantly call for updates. Had to make suggestions to change photographs order on RM to give it a different look. Awful awful and so stressful. I am now of the opinion that as I ws doing everything barr the advertising myself, even the viewings as the agent didn't have time, that I am best using a portal like Doorsteps and 'do it myself' What do I have to lose. I have far more spark and energy than my agent who want 1% of my hard earned property sale price. Rant over x

From: Marilyn Melville 08 September 2020 09:43 AM

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