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Daniel Hamilton-Charlton
Daniel Hamilton-Charlton
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About Me

Committed to speeding up property transactions.
Beautiful wife, three children, two dogs, one cat, two fish, one Degu and a motorbike or two.

my expertise in the industry

Started in Estate agency in 1993 with General Accident Property Services in Southampton before heading to London and working for Ludlow Thompson and then Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward. Then in 2001 worked across Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire with independent Estate Agency brands.
Worked at Move with Us as a Property Consultant, legal network development manager and Probate Legal Network development manager from 2007 to 2015 before heading in to the Search Industry with PIE/PSG.
Now established as an independent National Supplier of Searches and related reports for Home Movers delivering to Solicitors and recently, Home Movers Direct. We are determined to look at ways to speed up the conveyancing process and not have Searches as the reason for a sale not to exchange sooner. Searches will no longer be the excuse that people can hide behind.

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Daniel Hamilton-Charlton
Your comment does bring to life the true issue with agents needing information. IF they are not provided with an answer within the timeframe that they believe is reasonable, they email again and then again. IF you can imagine what that volume looks like when you times your emails by the amount of transactions they are handling surely you can see that you are exacerbating an already problematic situation, which is going to get worse by your actions. This is how Conveyancers are invariably treated and then everyone screams at them asking why they take so long.....is because they are dealing with high volumes of transactions and even higher volumes of people hounding them for information to see if they are doing their job.....which of course they are. Just imagine how stressful the situation would be on the receiving end of those emails when all you want to do it your job. It must be like being micromanaged by everyone, every minute of the day and it must be hell. If anyone needs meditation it is a conveyancer, but they are not afforded the time to do it as they are too busy doing their job, explaining to people that they are doing their job and still getting beaten up for it. Everyone needs to get involved with getting buyers and sellers better prepared for a move so that all parties are better informed and more aware of what is happening. There is much of a conveyance that can be self help. Change needs to happen and, in time, will happen, and the stress levels will be reduced significantly. I am in favour of looking after mental health, but would rather see more action in alleviating the causes of stress for anyone involved in the house moving process, rather than working out how to fix it once it manifests itself.

From: Daniel Hamilton-Charlton 22 October 2020 09:50 AM

Daniel Hamilton-Charlton
Hi Andrew don't be perplexed. Let's address a few of your comments. Searches are NOT a part of a conveyancers work, it is a job that traditionally they have had to take on as it has been seen as a Dark Art by the industry. The reality is that the Searches are paid for by the buyer, the information contained is highly vital to the home buyer and yet ordering them is delayed because the conveyancer has been ordering for them. A conveyancer will wish to receive full instructions and signed client care letters, they will wish to take a client through a full ID/AML check before they can even touch taking funds, let alone spending money. They will also wish to request a contract pack and at some point receive one, before they will consider spending their clients money on Searches. We are giving the buyers the opportunity to buy them Direct. Use our Hazard Checker service to determine the most appropriate pack, place the order online and start receiving the reports. This shows absolute commitment from the buyer, brings the return of Searches Timescale forward for the conveyancer, and you the estate agent can stop chasing for them. We provide Estate Agents with branded literature to email buyers along with the memo of sale to encourage them to take control and order their Searches immediately to avoid delays. What's not to like about that? It's NOT doing the conveyancers job, it's delivering informed choice to the buyer as part of your service. You don't have to order it for them, they do it themselves. YAY! I know many Conveyancer who are currently working 7 days a week and very long hours so I would be very mindful of your comments on that front. They may stop answering the phones, but after hours is invariably the only time they can get the lawyering done without people chasing them to see if they are doing the lawyering. You have two choices. Be a complaining bystander, see no changes and reap no rewards, or get involved in the parts where you can make an affective difference and help people to move. I am a firm believe in a collaborative conveyancing environment where, if you can help to get closer to the goal, you do so. Are you in or out?

From: Daniel Hamilton-Charlton 21 September 2020 09:36 AM

Daniel Hamilton-Charlton
Hi Philip, I agree that collusion is wrong but believe that it was likely driven by the fact that each of those agents believed that they had nothing more to give and that there was nothing to differentiate them. So many agents believe that it’s all about winning the instruction and, unfortunately in this market, it is. It’s a land grab because property will sell itself, within reason. I don’t believe that the job stops when a sale is agreed and that it is an agents job to start screaming at solicitors to speed things up. We launched a Search Solution offering the ability for buyers to get their Searches underway at the point a purchase is agreed. A buyer who pays for their Searches is committed to that property. A buyer who gives the name of a solicitor for a memo is not necessarily. Which agents in your area are proactively asking buyers to buy they Searches on day one of a sale being agreed? There’s a differentiation for you. Given that 4 out of the top 10 additional enquiries raised by conveyancers post receipt of a mortgage offer could be answered at the point of valuation if a local authority search was provided to the surveyor at the time. That would save time in the conveyancing process too. Anyone spearheading that in your area? That’s another differentiation for an agent. The focus at the moment should be banking money, at whatever level, to prevent fall throughs and positive pipeline management. Anyone talking about that at a valuation or is it all about fees? I set up my business to support positive behaviours and shorten exchange timescales with little changes to practices. They make a difference and provide some agents with a differentiation from their competitors who are too busy doing what they’ve always done to change. They’d rather just collude over fees or debate about which is the best fee structure. The client wants a sale at a good price with an agent offering a competent, comprehensive service from instruction to completion.

From: Daniel Hamilton-Charlton 11 September 2020 21:12 PM

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