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Shelley  Levene
The interview was nothing more than a PR exercise. No insight here - just MB stating ‘it’s true because I say it is”. Commisery was misleading as was a great deal that PB did and does. It was openly accepted that they regularly travelled below the integrity line. 38 complaints to the ASA – do the math. MB was pushed out because his arrogance got in the way of reality. Failure in Oz and in the US was inevitable with a model that lacked any substance or integrity with a blinded belief that spending circa 35-40% on marketing of your baseline income would eventually buy you a market share. Other agents were cheaper but not when you compare what the average PB agents was expected to do for the income they received. They work ridiculously long hours and it often means they are doing it for an hourly rate that is less than the minimum wage. TV adverts help get you through the front door. When you join PB your taught ‘a pitch’. Your taught a very specific way to explain the fees, to say that it’s opaque is in itself rather opaque. Why do you think PB get so many complaints? Have a look a Trust Pilot – you’ll see many negative reviews where the reviewer states the fees were NEVER clear. Rapid expansion was always part of the PB MO when MB was in charge. Rapid expansion with a disproportionately high marketing budget? At one point there was 3 different marketing heads at the same time. James Kydd, Joby Russell and Ed Hughes – what does that tell you? The foundation is a Trojan Horse to gain credibility and trust. It’s marketing under a different name.

From: Shelley Levene 27 July 2020 06:56 AM

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