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NW - I simply do not accept that you have been “lied to” with the regularity you suggest. I believe the reality to be that you have received careful responses which observe the principles of professional confidentiality, and which recognise that there can at that moment be no speculation as to what you really want to hear, I.E. the completion date. A policy we have, if we discover that emails are being ‘tactically’ cc’d, is to IMMEDIATELY warn clients and agents that our emails are NOT to be cc’d to ANY other parties in the matter. If emails containing advice are cc’d inappropriately (by a client or agent or even by another conveyancer) then it’s a clear breach of confidentiality and we will instantly cease the use of email in such cases. We’ll tell the party why and we’ll tell our client why. You boast, above, of being able to ‘corner’ a conveyancer with questions; well, I say that you have no standing to demand any answer whatsoever. Why on earth is a conveyancer answering your prying questions in the first place? You are not part of the conveyancing process. You are helpful in the commencement and the completion of the process, but you help is rarely needed in between. We are not going to be interrogated by an agent who may then selectively quote our responses to others in the chain. You have no right to judge whether or not we have submitted search orders in what you regard as an acceptable timeframe. We have a duty to our own clients and we will be instructed by them and be answerable to them, and that’s it. You spoke in your initial post of the ‘sport’ you enjoy in dealing with conveyancers. It’s that type of attitude which leads conveyancers to want to keep agents very much at arm’s length. We are regulated and you are not; you are not bound to the level of professional behaviour as are lawyers. Which brings me back to my prime wish which is to see Estate Agents regulated and subject to professional rules which can lead to them being ‘struck off’ and the directors, and hopefully managers too, fined heavily. Only then will the practices I’ve complained of be curtailed.

From: D A ALawyer 23 February 2022 07:55 AM

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