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Katie Walton
Hi, I was buying a property through MMOA and lost over £10000 due to very unlawful practices by not just the vendor and real estate in question but via many other parties attached. The property was sold as having had a new extension area underpinned and the Certificate of adequacy current and unclaimed on. On this merit, I entered the auction. It transpired that the whole of the property had been underpinned, the certificate of adequacy claimed on. The whole house was a disaster. There were no records of any building regulations etc in the town hall, their insurance company claimed on would give me no information. I even employed an independent civil engineer (who knew the real estates well, collected the keys from them and told me I did not need to be there for the inspection). The report came back glowing, no subsidence issues etc. The way I obtained this independent report was through the real estate! I was still very concerned as during the time between auction and exchange of contract, none of the doors in the property would either, open or close, salts were coming through new plasterer works (works both the real estate and vendor denied were recent), cracks appearing in windows, a huge crack I could put my hand in in a cupboard not replastered, but above the new plaster works. I informed my solicitor (who was completely incompetent) of my concerns stating I was going to employ an out of town surveyor. She informed the real estate and both my solicitor and real estate would not grant me access to the property to do another survay until I exchanged contracts. However, through sheer luck, I was able to gain access and then I let the surveyed in. The house was basically falling down. I have since obtained documents of the underpinning and have been collating lots of evidence. At the time I confronted the real estate but they shut me down, declaring exchange of contracts due and I failed to pay so lost my deposit. I was in the process of changing the use of the building from commercial to residential via the town hall and several months later,under a different alias, when the real estate had the same property for at auction again, asking why full council tax was being paid on a derilict property and why was there no record of building regulations etc. Immediately, I receive back monies paid for the change of use from the Town Hall, which I found interesting considering I had contacted them under an alias not disclosing any knowledge of events prior. I am now in a position to pursue this but aside trading standards and the property ombudsman, are there any other channels I can pursue as this is a very large real estates in the south west and their undertaking seem to spread much deeper than non disclosure of information on their part?

From: Katie Walton 30 June 2020 13:43 PM

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