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From: John Smith 26 May 2020 20:48 PM

John Smith
Hi Giles, Sorry, but none of what you’re saying makes sense: 1. You don’t want to be a portal, yet you will be listing all the properties from all your agents - so you will be a portal It doesn’t matter what you want it or don’t want it to be, the public will think you’re a portal if you want them coming to your website to find property... 2. If you don’t want to be a portal and are not planning on challenging the big 3, then you will be an additional £395 a month cost to estate agents - not replacing the existing money spent on portals like RM and ZP and OTM 3. The services you offer for the Pro and Network package - the Network package has no benefits listed btw - are nothing new or innovative, existing competitors are plenty You're basically offering estate agents a shared service centre offering where you do back-office leg work for lots of agents instead of them doing it themselves 4. You’re not a charity nor a social enterprise, you’re a proper business whose aim is profit and yet you speak as though you will be somehow charitable with fees and not be extortionate in the future. But, you have to grow and this means growing revenue and profit and most of revenue growth has to come from estate agents spending more with you Or if you could not grow if you business remains in the founder’s hands, but then what’s the exit? Alternatively, if you get any sort of funding, hungry shareholders will demand growth and you will have to obey Lastly, either declare yourself a challenger portal with added benefits to give EAs a proper incentive to fund a new potential monster or be clearer about your offering If you’re not a new portal then EAs should steer well clear less they add £400 a month of indispensable costs to their books in a couple of years

From: John Smith 22 May 2020 11:33 AM

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