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Jon Clarke
Jon Clarke
Director of Innovation
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About Me

In charge of a hugely knowledgeable team of digital experts across many sectors, with a specialism in property. I've worked in some of the largest ad agencies in the UK and across household named brands from Coca-Cola to VW to eBay to Taylor Wimpey and whole lot more. Passionate about digital, tech, innovation, creating impactful and memorable advertising and knowing the most cost effective media to choose. Contact jon@spaceandtime.co.uk

my expertise in the industry

8 years at the UK's largest property media planning and buying advertising agency www.spaceandtime.co.uk, 17 years in digital media and over 27 years in advertising working on UK and global brands. Expertise in Digital Media, social, search, mobile, video, Virtual Reality, future tech etc...

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Jon Clarke
Having attended Property Tech in London a couple of weeks ago and working with a few VR 360 Video/Drone companies who produce excellent professional VR video fly throughs, CGI or 3D static walk throughs I'd be happy to answer any of your questions. The quality above yes can be better, and no, it doesn't have to be super expensive. A large number of estate agents at PropertyTech all said that it brought more viewings to their websites, gave them a competitive edge attracting vendors, had no problem showing all property high-end or not, reduced overall viewings giving their sales people more time to offer a quality service, also the quality of the viewings increased, conversion to sale increased and some were even were able to increase the vendor price of the property, because of greater interest when they placed the house on Facebook for a virtual open-day event. The buyer likes it as they can really work out which of the several properties they want to see, they can also virtually go back and re-view a property in case they'd forgotten something like the type of kitchen layout, windows, bath/shower etc... You can use a headset for total immersion in the experience, but YouTube and Facebook 360 video can be easily also viewed on a mobile without the extra gear and works fine to give enough perspective. In reality every estate agent and house builder will be using this in year's time. The public expect it. Granted the older generation are slower to take this up, but the younger ones are not put off at all and enjoy the experience. VR will be part of everyone's life in a a couple of years, so being proactive and embracing this quickly would be a good idea. If you'd like to know who we use please feel free to contact me for some free advice jon@spaceandtime.co.uk Director of Innovation. The public will use this as a tool. Overseas investors will use it to view many off-plan or residential live units saving themselves a fortune. CGI Virtual Reality created from architects' CAD files also allows a buyer to swap room furniture and furnishings, lighting, etc at the flick of a button. There is a lot more to come in this area and we are finding it a pro-active sales tool for all.

From: Jon Clarke 31 May 2016 14:41 PM

Jon Clarke
When you are the smallest player, with the smallest budget, one should not look to get into the same advertising channel ring i.e. TV and try and slug it out. OTM should have put all their money into a channel that is accessed by 36 million adults in the UK every month, at times 30-100 times a day; FACEBOOK From the money they could have spent there instead they'd have created such an impact more people would know them, the traffic sent to their website would have given them a huge amount of data, leads for their clients and they'd have made of bank of users they could re-target or even offer other advertisers email campaigns etc. Taking over a medium and creating IMPACT is what it should have been about. Let the big boys spend their 10s 20s 30s millions of pounds on TV or posters of whatever. If OTM spent all their small millions on Facebook they'd have punched harder, faster and been more in a user's face everyday. If indeed they'd used their TV ad their too they'd have bought more eyeballs than TV too. It all sounds so simple, and perhaps even a step too far and brave, but it reminds me of Renault who jumped out of ITV and piled into Channel 4 at the channel's birth and dominated the channel for a few years with 2 out of 3 ad breaks showing their cars. It grew Renault's share amazingly in a far more crowded and ruthless competitive market. If you can dominate a medium more than half the adult population looks at countless times a day, one click away from your site, that allows you to share your offering with friends and oozes data to learn from, plus your competitors don't invest in it much generally then go for it I say. Perhaps they need a rethink... perhaps others do too...

From: Jon Clarke 12 November 2015 13:00 PM

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