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Paul Robertson
Are you for real or just plain ignorant or know nothing about business? As an estate agent for 25 years, running my own estate agency for 15 years I totally understand and sympathise with this former business owner. We provide a high street service which means high street costs and outgoings, to manage such outgoings (like every business) we need a certain amount of revenue that we need to generate, without that revenue business cannot operate. If I operate from a bedroom or a garden shed then i would need less revenue to operate as my outgoings are much less. I also have employee wages, rent, heating, electric, fuel, pensions, HMRC compliance, insurances to cover which all take a certain amount of money to cover. How do you expect any business to run if a hybrid with a "local agent" working from home comes in and does a fixed fee of £999 (which includes vat) undercuts you by a few hundred pounds? Do you think in this economy with fuel increases, household increases and debt rising a client cares if you will call him daily or weekly if he/she can save a few hundred pounds by going with an hybrid agency that advertises on the same portal sites at much less cost because there is no over heads. Not every estate agent is in an affluent geographical area or in an area that does not care about how much it costs to sell a property. After 25 years of estate agency I am also getting out and doing another professional that will make me alot better off without the hassle or race to the bottom on fees. Show some respect

From: Paul Robertson 25 November 2021 08:17 AM

Paul Robertson
Why does it matter how well the housing market is doing, the issue is not selling houses, the issue is how much agents now charge that make it no longer viable to continue as a business. As stated previously on EstateAgencyToday I am getting out of the business after 20 years because I make less now that I did 20 years ago with my fees now in line with the hybrids (or slightly below to try and win the instruction) yet my expenditure for the portals, rent etc has gone through the roof. Maybe do a bit of actual journalism and start asking WHY a lot of agents are going to the wall when the housing market is buoyant, it is because they are not winning enough instructions or the fees they are making is no longer enough to survive on. We have a state of the art website that competes agains the best hybrid websites, portals, accompanied viewings, videos etc but the usual scenario is the seller states they can sell their house for £999 and be on zoopla and rightmove too so why pay more than what they need to. Yes some sellers will still go with you as they know the service you provide as a high street agent and being their is a welcome addition and will pay for this but with the way the economy is, fuel, gas/electric all going through the roof if a seller things they can save £500-1000 on sales fee they are going to take it. Unless you have really high volume of take ones you cannot survive on a fee below £999 and this is the problem and issue. As I say I am leaving the industry in the next few months and can't wait to see the back of it.

From: Paul Robertson 03 November 2021 08:37 AM

Paul Robertson
After 20 years and not one complaint against my name I am thankfully leaving the industry within the next few months. I don't mind the extra competition, it can be healthy, however I now make less than what I did 20 years ago, as a director I have far more responsibilities and costs that just make estate agency no longer viable. The general public now want to use the online estate agents as a bargaining tool to cut fees and I now average £800 per property which is no longer viable as where I am in a small town we have a smaller population than major cities, 5 estate agents not including the hybrid estate agents that are also playing there part in the town (the hybrids are notorious for over valuing to gain instructions then dropping price 6 weeks later to the correct value and I will simply not lie to gain instructions). So I have created a new Ltd company as a wedding videographer and make double than what I do as an estate agent with no HMRC AML money laundering obligations to worry about, NO zoopla costs, No rightmove costs, No letting web costs, Not to mention rent to pay, gas and electricity, insurances etc to run a high street office not to mention web design maintenance and costs and car running costs. My outgoings average £40,000 a year for estate agency, my videography business averages £2700 a year so I know which one I am choosing. For the first time in years I am looking forward to a brighter future without estate agency and not worrying about incoming or outgoings. The UK is now on a run on a "race to the bottom" mentality and it's time to get off. Good luck to all those that stay in it, hot off to you all, I have just had enough and life is too short.

From: Paul Robertson 14 October 2021 08:33 AM

Paul Robertson

From: Paul Robertson 12 March 2019 10:08 AM

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