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Lesley Sorridimi
I'm a home report provider covering all of Scotland. The average turnaround time for a home report being produced is 2.5 days. Obviously if you live in a remote area of Scotland that changes considerably. Many agents will meet the surveyor at the property when the agent is there to produce the photographs etc for the schedules, therefore it is incorrect to make a general statement that the home report holds things up. I concede it can happen occasionally... usually by the seller not completing their part as the process has not been explained to them. There is a faction within the industry would like to see the end of home reports, but that's just life in general with any product. The facts are that home reports are now well bedded into the buying and selling of property in Scotland. We collect payment from home sellers (approx 80-100 per day) before the reports are produced and the majority of sellers understand the process and have used reports to make their purchase so we seldom encounter any problems collecting payments or confusion/annoyance at why they need a report. Some agents can, and do, make money from home reports. Valuation has always been a bone of contention between agents, sellers and surveyors. Massive discrepancies in valuation between agent and surveyor is not the norm but does happen occasionally. Most agents and surveyor will discuss a property prior to the surveyor visiting. Home Report fees have not changed in 10 years, if anything, the price of a home report has reduced slightly. There are very few industries where that is the case. Surveyors AND agents are having to work harder to make the same money. It is not a perfect system, but home reports give the buyer an opportunity to make an informed offer on the property they are buying, for many, the biggest purchase of their lives so far. Sellers are almost always buyers. Of course I will defend the home report as a provider of the product, but I truly believe that it is a positive change to the buying and selling process and is now widely accepted by the home owner.

From: Lesley Sorridimi 08 October 2018 09:31 AM

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