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Ben Davis

From: Ben Davis 13 March 2020 05:27 AM

Ben Davis
I won't comment on any particular agency gaming the Trustpilot system. But it is clear that any review system (be it Trustpilot, Feefo, AllAgents etc) based on largely unidentifiable posters' comments being disseminated across the board, and attributed a 1-5 rating, provides both motive to game the system and no natural barrier to prevent it. We are therefore left to rely on those review companies internal checks and balances, and where they are paid by the reviewed companies, at risk from inherent conflict of interest. These review systems are a numbers game and do work for very large corporates in any industry. But if as a smaller company you have 659 reviews at an average 4.82 rating, and your corporate neighbour has 660 at 4.82000000001, you needn't have bothered turn up! Well done Chancellors on the 10,000+ reviews, but as a customer of a particular branch, I couldn't give a monkeys about a vast majority of the reviews you're asking me to look through. The public will all too often sort reviewed agents by rating, this fails because often times they're comparing apples with oranges, and they focus on a rounding error rather than the qualitative comments that apply to their situation. PropertyHeads agent reviews work differently. We understand that agents are hyper-local businesses (or in the case of Foxtons, Chancellors etc, a group of hyper-local businesses) and the power of word-of-mouth recommendation. Our reviews are all attributed to a specific branch. We do not use star ratings because it detracts from the written comments. Further our reviews are all attributable to a real person with a profile and a timeline on PropertyHeads. We then show your reviews to the writers' friends and connections when they're searching for an agent - hence our claim to help you grow your business by word of mouth. And this acts as our natural barrier to the system being gamed (create a dummy profile, with no connections, and the review gets seen by no one and doesn't contribute to towards an overall score).

From: Ben Davis 25 March 2019 05:09 AM

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