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Graham  Smith

From: Graham Smith 29 October 2015 15:22 PM

Graham  Smith
This is a New Post in reply to Jon Tarry (Not replied to his post to emphasise the point I wish to make). Jon - You said [Quote] "In fairness, if the only news coming out about OTM is negative, then what can they do? If Zoopla or Rightmove was struggling, there would be stories about it here. We've seen many articles where Springett has been claiming that they will have overtaken Zoopla by the end of the year" We are all entitled to our opinions, but and this is a BIG BUT - since launch of AM / OTM this portal has had nothing but negative comments about OTM / AM. I have crossed swords with Simon here many a time (And being down the rod from him, would welcome the chance to meet up face to face). If you (Jon) had a new instruction, would not this be "The best thing since....." to those you were advertising to? Springett has done nothing wrong. Capitalism works. Never have I seen EA in any way, shape, or form give any "Support" to OTM / AM. Never have I seen any "Positive news" reported here. No wonder therefore that there is disenfranchisement. Fact - The business model is solid - A mutual membership portal that aims (aimed?) to compete with those who have next to a monopoly. Fact - Far lower fees and generous (expected) ROI for those who invested. Fact - Far, far lower costs to members than either of the two main portals. What more can any agent wish for than that?? The last fact - Since OTM / AM Launch this portal (EAT) has allowed / published / written editorial that is derogatory to OTM. Show me otherwise please (I would like to see some (even if historic) positive reporting here). I have taken a decision to go back to the two main portals. This is for reasons that are two-fold. (1). OTM had less than 1m visits in September. RM 15m and Zoopla 8m. (All approx and please ask me where I get these stats from if you need them). 2. I do not see that now that the initial investment capital has (May have been) been used, that OTM / AM can even begin to compete with the marketing spend of the other two main portals. There are many "Bronze" members who will be up for renewal in January. How many will remain is uncertain, but I have had (since I left OTM) a lengthy discussion with one local agent who will not be renewing (and nor will he be going with another portal, staying with just a single one). Can I just say this? Rather than berating OTM / AM, should we (all with High-Street premises) not be looking to protect our market and combat the Online Only agencies, rather than attacking a portal that is attempting to free us from the cost-prohibitive and nearly monopolisation of the other portals? Your choice. Comments welcome.

From: Graham Smith 29 October 2015 14:59 PM

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