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Will Estate Agent

From: Will Estate Agent 20 March 2020 09:21 AM

Will Estate Agent
We have just given them notice as well. I understand the initial membership costs, but the geographical advertiser membership is the one that really gets my blood boiling! Why should I have to pay another £990 a month, plus another £100 brand plus for that?! I am located in a rural area with an average stock of around 50 available properties, yet because over 40% of of that average stock is outside of a 10km radius I am forced to pay for another membership. I understand that in the city 10km might be a long way, but in rural areas 10km (6 miles) is well within a local agents catchment and classed as a neighbouring town/village. It seems the geographical advertiser rule is geared up more fairly for city agents than rural ones. The best part is in their leaflet they explain the reason they have a geographical advertising is because it ensures members are charged more consistently and fairly for the exposure they receive on Rigthmove. What a load of rubbish! They do it to simply milk out more money from agents. If they wanted to keep it more consistent and fair they should just charge agents on a per property basis, but I am told that would be too complicated and difficult for their accounts team to manage.... By milking dry the very people that keep their business going/growing they have truly shot themselves in the foot. Their deferred payment option announced yesterday was the tip of the iceberg for many already disgruntled agencies I believe. I can imagine they have received a lot of notices over the past 24/48 hours with hopefully many more to follow. Just maybe, they will then sit up and face up to how they have treated their own clients, who lets face it played the biggest part in them achieving their +£200 million operating profit last year!

From: Will Estate Agent 19 March 2020 11:50 AM

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