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Remind your clients: UK agency fees are competitive

11 October 2017 798 Views

Remind your clients: UK agency fees are competitive

There’s much said in the mainstream press about estate agency fees and how costly they can be for consumers.

But one point that is regularly overlooked in these arguments is that compared to many other countries, estate agency fees in the UK are relatively affordable.

As you know, the average commission fee in the UK is now around the 1% mark, not to mention all the upfront and hybrid fee options that have entered the market in recent years.

Considering the fantastic and comprehensive service the majority of UK agents provide, it’s time to remind your clients that selling through an agent is likely to be affordable and profitable.

Now let’s take a look at some of the comparisons. In Portugal, for example, the vendor pays the agent a typical fee of 5% + 23% VAT, according to analysis by international property consultancy Tranio.

Meanwhile, in France the average commission fee is 4.5%-8% (including 20% VAT). In very few countries do we see agents charging commission fees of 1% and lower, which we are increasingly seeing in certain parts of the UK.

Of course, when comparing commission fees, it’s important to remember that what the fee covers varies from country to country.

However, the general point – and this is something that agents need to promote more to the property selling public – is that UK vendors get good value for money and benefit from a high level of customer service.

The more frequently this message is reinforced and communicated, the less frequently we may see disparaging reports about how expensive estate agents are.

Here at Gnomen our aim is to facilitate agents being able to offer the best possible service for competitive fees. Our cutting-edge, all-in-one software has been designed to make the job of an estate agent, letting agent or property manager smoother and more efficient.

Our cloud-based system allows you to manage your staff, workload, diary, office, customers and multi-channel marketing in one place. Its efficiency allows your team to stay on top of the important things like call-backs, valuations and instructions.

On top of this, we also design beautiful estate and letting agent websites.

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