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Wrights / GPX Plastics is number one in providing you quality visual displays. Established in 1969 Wrights Plastics has developed a reputation as a provider of high quality plastic solutions. Demand has required us to widen our scope of manufacture to cover all types of branding encompassing the use of other materials such as wood, glass and metal, in a wide variety of finishes to meet the ever changing demands of retail and commerce.

We deliver our services to a diverse but long standing customer base from over 42,000 square feet of production area located in the West Midlands. Based in the heart of the country's transport structure network we are ideally placed to offer a complete collation and distribution service to our customers.

The production of highly innovative, yet truly practical solutions is achieved through the use of industry leading technology underpinned by the value we place on traditional craftsmanship and proven skills.

From one-off prototypes for market evaluation and testing to full production runs of unlimited units, we pride ourselves on the flexibility and quality of service we are able to provide, working with the full spectrum of polymers available.

In 2010 Wrights Plastics purchased the GPX Group giving Wrights Plastics the ability to make and stock standard promotional and display items. By adding the GPX Group to the umbrella of services we already offered it truly makes Wrights Plastics one of the largest and most diverse POS producers in the UK

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The internet versus the window display

26 May 2015 4602 Views

The internet versus the window display

If it is true (and who would doubt it?) that 90% of property searches start online, then how does this affect the role and value of your window display? What is the use of the window display in a digital age? Do we need a radical rethink to make the most of your ‘shop front?’

The first point that the stat above should make obvious is that the window display should be targeted at sellers, not buyers. Have we fully understood the implications of this fact? Are we still creating window displays whose sole aim is to attract buyers?

Of course, there is no reason to remove all property details out of the window and use all the space for marketing messages aimed at vendors. As vendors are likely to believe the window display is a useful way to sell property, they will want to see a well laid out, clear and clean window display that features good quality property photos and info. They will imagine their beautiful home in your beautiful window display and want to be assured that their property will be displayed to its best advantage. Lighting and layout play an important part so make sure your window display is well lit, well laid out and regularly updated.

But do not miss out on opportunities to sell to vendors. Use some of the window space to feature your recently sold properties as this is something else the vendor will be keen to see. Use the space to identify roads, streets or areas (or property types) where you require properties to meet buyer demand – you can use text, graphics or photos to add interest.

Create themed areas to attract the vendors you need – perhaps a space dedicated to ‘exclusive’ homes or one to flats, to demonstrate your interest and expertise in selling this type of property.

Use some of your window display space (and other signage such as A-boards) to sell your services. Again you can use a mixture of text, infographics, photos etc so the display does not become too text heavy. Do you feature the team in your window display? People buy people so starting to build a picture of your dedicated team in your displays, advertising, social media etc seems like a smart move.

Do you promote your social media pages in the window display? For many – sellers, buyers, agents – it is an increasingly ‘normal’ aspect of their lives so use this opportunity to sell the benefits of Liking or Following.

Be part of a wider community – use some of your window space to show your links to the town or City, its schools, charities etc. Again, this is something that is likely to give you a competitive advantage to some vendors and the window display is perhaps the best way to let me know about this aspect of your company.


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