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Property Searches Direct

Supporting progressive Estate Agents that wish to differentiate their model buy offering broader solutions to engage clients. Delivering Get Legally Prepared hosted solutions to deliver message and service.

take a look at one agents page at Get Legally Prepared to see how we can help you and your clients.

We deliver ID/AML solutions, Protocol Forms, Local Authority Searches and associated products that are vital to property transactions.

Property Searches Direct are dedicated to disrupting the traditional Property Search Market by offering Searches Direct to Home Movers, thus speeding up transaction times.

We work closely with all Stakeholders in the Home Moving process to drive maximum efficiencies and deliver Collaborative Conveyancing Solutions (CCS) for Free to help drive better results for all involved.

We enable Home Movers to purchase Searches and complete Protocol Forms as they go on to the market to better prepare them for sale, as this significantly speeds up the conveyancing process with information being available right at the start.

The current system is generally considered "not fit for purpose" with a 25% Fall Though Rate often occurring due to the unexpected length of transactions.

  • We are the First Search Company to have made Searches available to Buyers and Sellers Direct

  • We are the First Search Company to provide a Publicly available Hazard Checker to check for Search Alerts

  • We are the First Search Company to make Freely available all Property Protocol Forms without the need for a conveyancing quote

  • We are the First Search Company to champion getting legally prepared by working with Estate Agents and Home Movers Direct.

We offer immediate access for Home Buyers and Sellers to place orders for Search Products or Packs online via our shop to help speed up transaction times and access to the information contained in the reports. Environmental reports are returned within 1-2 working days enabling home buyers to make the right decisions earlier in the transaction.

We enable Estate Agents to empower their buyers to get Searches ordered on our website to get sales underway quicker where a vendor has not already ordered them. We can provide unique promo codes for estate agents to offer to their clients that will provide further discounts at our online shop. We also provide white-labelled Get Legally Prepared Pages for those wishing to use them.
For those agents wishing to forge closer working relationships with their preferred conveyancer we can build their brands in to the pages for Free. Like This and get in touch to get things set up.

We pay Estate Agents £15 for every Search Pack order placed by clients using their unique code. Get your code today!

To keep in touch with Search Turnaround Times to help manage expectations, you may wish to join the mailing list to receive a weekly email showing Local Authority Search turnaround timescales for each Local Authority in England and Wales. Just visit our website and complete the form HERE.

for more information visit us at Property Searches Direct

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