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PropCert is a national property certificates company offering EPCs, EICRs, Gas Safety Checks plus more through their network of 700 accredited property professionals.

PropCert works with estate agents, letting agents and landlords by providing its clients with access to an online portal that has many benefits including; placing orders online, tracking progress, real-time updates and certificate storage.

Since new legislation in 2020 around electrical safety checks it now means from 1st July 2020 it is a legal requirement for a rental property to have a valid electrical safety check completed before a new tenancy can begin, this is extended to existing tenancies from 1st April 2021. PropCert carry out Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) throughout the UK using qualified electricians. We can help letting agents keep their managed properties compliant.

As a business PropCert can provide you with a reliable solution for your property certificates. You simply place an order on your portal and then within normally 3 working days you will receive a copy of the certificate, whether that be an EPC, EICR or gas safety certificate. For larger clients we offer API integration and a bulk upload feature.

For more information please get in touch with a member of the PropCert team.


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Are agents swimming upstream against the Electrical Safety Regulations?

29 September 2020 4849 Views

Are agents swimming upstream against the Electrical Safety Regulations?

3 months on from the introduction of the ‘Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020’ and its fair to say that agents everywhere have hit new obstacles left, right and centre. At PropCert, we have completed around 12,000 EICRs across the UK since July and we have learned a few things along the way that would be useful insight to agents everywhere.

So what have been the recurring challenges agents tell us about?

First and foremost, many agents have struggled to find electricians who are available quickly enough to meet the demand - whether that be for the initial inspection or the dreaded remedial works following on from a failed report. Which leads us to the next obstacle - Failed reports. Why are so many reports failing and can the tenant move in with a failed EICR.

Why are electricians all so busy?

The new legislation has brought with it a huge demand for electricians, whose services have already been under pressure According to the UKs largest electrical certification body, the NICEIC, there was already a shortage of electricians in the UK due to the increasing demand of greener technology such as smart meters and electric cars. Your local electrician may have been able to cope with the demand before the new regs, but the number of EICRs needed will only increase in the coming months.

Luckily at PropCert, we specialise in inspection, testing and remedial works and our team of 1000 + electricians are ready and waiting to help with the increased demand. On average, we can get to a property within 2-3 days and often on the same day if urgent.

Why are so many properties failing?

From our experience, it is fair to say that a high number of landlords take pride in their portfolio and maintain fantastic standards across their properties and have always ensured high standards of electrical safety for their tenants. However, there are plenty that don’t! Many have never really considered the electrical safety of a property - because it was not a legal requirement and the idea of spending big on upgrading the electrics would be as low in their to-do list as stepping barefoot onto a plug. These are the landlords currently paying out for urgent remedial works to be able to let again. Remember - There is no upper spending limit for landlords when it comes to remedial works.

The new legislation has been introduced in alignment with the 18th Edition Wiring Regulation, meaning that the level of assessment is in keeping with the most current standards. However, the 18th Edition was only rolled out on the 1st January 2019 - So it is fair to say that the majority of rental properties will not meet these standards. The good news is, that it doesn’t automatically mean an ‘Unsatisfactory’ EICR. It is completely ad hoc, based on the age and condition of the property and its installation whether the electrician will pass or fail the report. In short, the electrician simply won't know until they get there and start testing!

Can a tenant move in if the EICR fails?

So the tenant is due to move in tomorrow and you have just got the EICR back and it has failed! Does the move in get pushed back? When you read the legislation, it feels like a bit of a grey area as you can argue it both ways - As long as the works are done within 28 days, they can move in OR The report is unsatisfactory and you have to have a satisfactory cert to be able to move in.

We contacted the NIC/EIC on this point and they advised that the tenant CAN move in when it doesn’t pose a safety threat to the tenant. So if the report does not have any C1 items in the observations, then the tenant can move in on the understanding that the required works will be completed within 28 days or less if the electrician states.

However, it is worth noting that agents are encouraged to make their own decisions on this topic As there could be an issue of liability incurred for allowing tenants in without a clear narrative on what they can and cannot use in the meantime - Worth a sit down with your legal advisors!

If you are unsure or have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our team hello@propcert.co.uk or 0203 397 8220

Think it's busy now? Wait until March next year!

The demand for electricians and EICRs has gone through the roof in the past 3 months, dominated by new lets. Do not forget that as of the 1st April 2021, the rules will apply to all existing tenancies. We are urging all agents to look at their portfolios and communicate with landlords now. The demand will only increase and the fines for non compliance will make your eyes water. Give us a call to discuss a mitigation plan/ bulk order to guarantee compliance at a great price 0203 397 8220

Who are PropCert and How can we help?

PropCert is a national provider of property certification and compliance, specialising in EICRs and electrical safety. We have recently undertaken a full rebranding and complete system overhaul to ensure that we are perfectly poised to deliver our quality services in large volumes. We now have a market leading portal system (with full API integration) that has streamlined the ordering and management of all agents’ ancillary services. We can carry out not only the EICR inspections, but also the remedial work should there be any required, providing your clients with a turnkey solution.

Registering with us is completely free and no obligation to order, you can click here to do so.

PropCert in numbers

8000 Average property visits completed per month

1000+ Qualified engineers on the ground

200+ Trade accounts ordering every month

30 Full time admin experts available to help

13 Services offered (see list below)

8 Years of service in national property compliance

Services offered

Electrical: EICRs, PAT Tests,

EPC: Domestic, Commercial and New build

Gas: Gas Safety Certificates and Boiler Servicing

New Build Services: Air Tightness Testing, Sound Insulation Testing, Ventilation Flow Rate Testing, Water Usage Calculations and Heat Loss Calculations

Other: Legionella Risk Assessments, Asbestos Management Surveys and Fire Risk Assessments

If you have any questions about the services we can offer, please do not hesitate to contact us:

hello@propcert.co.uk 0203 397 8220

Are agents swimming upstream against the Electrical Safety Regulations?

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