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About mio

mio is a sales progression software which empowers Estate Agents to speed up the residential property transaction, making effective sales progression simple. mio provides a single view of the entire chain for agents and consumers enabling better communication between all parties.

With its award-winning consumer app and simple to use milestones mio will reduce manual data entry and calls from buyers and sellers allowing agents to focus on the important tasks.

“Mio has completely revolutionised our sales progression within our agency, providing a simple, easy to use platform for staff to navigate around with minimal training.”

James Sherratt, Branch Manager (MARLA)  Harvey Scott Cheshire Ltd

To support agents, mio will be available for FREE for the whole of 2020


Key Features

  • A single view of the entire chain for agents and consumers

  • Validated data feeds automatically updates key stages in the process, saving time and  ensuring accuracy

  • Award winning consumer app with in-app messaging reducing calls from buyers and sellers

  • Auditable sales progression process with notes stored in one location helps reduce risk


  • Reduced transaction times through greater transparency and offering more customer certainty

  • Enhanced pipeline forecasting allowing agents to see which properties are likely to exchange and when

  • Visibility of performance and transaction times across their business through flexible management reports

  • Developed by a business that has operated at the heart of the property sector for 20 years

That’s not all! The mio customer app – available on iOS and Android – gives homemovers the peace of mind of 24/7 access to any progress updates in their property transaction, so your team receive fewer chasing calls.

  • Reassurance : A property feed with regular updates on key milestones achieved and what happens next

  • Transparency : A chain viewer with a clear view across the entire chain and the status on all properties

  • Convenience : Chat messaging via smartphone enabling homemovers to manage communications in their own time

  • Advice : Educational content to support homemovers throughout the process with clear information about each step

Testimonials from

“Historically, we’ve recorded sales progression milestones in our CRM system - the advantage which mio offers is the ability to invite clients to view the progress as new milestones are recorded, and for us to see the milestones which other mio agents have recorded when we’re working together on the same chain.  It’s also visually attractive and easy to navigate.”

Nick Harris, Quarters Residential

"We have found the system of great benefit during these challenging times and we will continue to expand its usage once we are fully operational again"

Stuart Lobb, MD Countrywide SW

“We changed Progression software provider to MIO just over 12 months ago and we’ve been delighted with the results. The system is clean and easy to use meaning we’ve been able to speed up our completion rate and reduce fall throughs. The staff are friendly, professional and helpful with nothing being too much trouble. The onboarding went particularly smoothly. I would have no hesitation in recommending MIO to any agent serious about reducing cost and improving the professionalism of their business.”

Tony Dobbins, Partner, Anthony Jones Properties

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What happens when your sales progressor is off work?

09 September 2020 2303 Views

What happens when your sales progressor is off work?

At mio, we often have conversations with Estate Agency firms who have a dedicated sales progresser in their team. Whilst there are lots of benefits to having a centralised sales progressor there are some pitfalls; here are some of the reasons why;

“I do all the sales progression for the entire team. I don’t need mio because I’ve got a really great system which I’ve used for years.” 

mio, “so what happens when you’re on holiday or if you’re off work unexpectedly”

“I try to update all my colleagues before I go away so they can handle questions from buyers and sellers”

mio “so when you’re away they can access your files to help them update buyers and sellers”

“well, no because some of it’s in my head and quite a lot of it is on paper and it’s a bit tricky to follow”

mio “so they can’t really provide accurate updates and if you can’t do a handover before you go away, they may not be able to provide any updates or do any form of sales progression?”

“well, yes, I guess that’s correct”

mio “so if you’re away from the office for whatever reason, sales progression could just grind to a halt”

“well, yes I suppose it might”

Little or no revenue is generated from getting a property to SSTC.  Agents rely on sales completing to generate commission and sales progression is what gets deals there, so it’s important to have a collaborative approach across a business even if you have a centralised resource. mio is the simple to use sales progression platform that encourages collaboration: a simple process for progressing a sale. No more paper files; post it notes or having to rely on your memory.  Those progressing sales know what they have to do next and they can see what’s already happened.

  • everyone in a branch has a view of the status of every sale.  All of your team can update buyer and sellers, even if the person responsible for sales progression is away from the office.

  • Branch Managers have a quick view of the status of every sale for more accurate pipeline forecasting.

  • New user set up and training in under a day.  If your Sales Progressor is unexpectedly off work, we can get another member of your team set up really quickly.

What happens when your sales progressor is off work?

We know that a lot of people find it difficult to change the way but as Donnetta Holland, Sales Manager at Robinson Reade highlights, making the change to mio delivers:

“I became a mio advocate long before the lockdown, which has highlighted how beneficial the system is. Having previously operated a largely paper based sales progression process, I would not have been able to access the chain information and progress our sales as efficiently had I not been using mio, which would have made progression very difficult. Its so simple and easy to setup an account and get started, whether you are in the office or working from home….and by the way, the technical support is exemplary!”

What happens when your sales progressor is off work?

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