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A smarter way to manage the home buying process

Lack of transparency and communication routinely jeopardise property transactions and contribute to the UK’s average fall-through rate of 33% – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Since its introduction in September 2017, combined sales progression and communication tool – mio – has helped to reduce average fall-through rates to 21%, whilst speeding up transactions to exchange from 126 days down to 85 days (as measured from September 2017 to April 2019 across the Cardiff mio community of agents).

Why has mio made such an impact?

With a shared view of the chain and milestone updates (to name just a few), mio breaks down traditional siloes of information and enables collaboration, to create a single version of the truth everyone can rely on as the chain progresses towards completion.

Homemovers can also sign up to the mio app (available on iOS and Android), which allows them to see the status of the chain, communicate directly with their estate agent, and more!

Michelle Hallas, Residential Sales Manager at Allen and Harris comments:

“The app is great for staying in touch with our clients. Not only can they keep an eye on progress updates with a shared view of the property status, but they can message directly through it. One of my current homemovers even prefers instant messaging to phone calls, as she finds it quicker and easier to get a response.”

Want to join your local mio community?

mio is currently available on a 6 months FREE introductory offer, giving you the opportunity to see the real difference it can make to your branch. Click here to find out more!

mio helps boost productivity for multi-tasking Estate Agents

26 July 2019 360 Views

mio helps boost productivity for multi-tasking Estate Agents

Carl Hemming, Director from Ginger in Balsall Common explains how mio has quickly proven to be a cost-effective way to simplify his job, as well as help his small team multi-task and better share information.

mio milestones give you just the right level of information so you know what’s going on across the property transaction

“mio is very user-friendly and the milestones offer a lot more information than we’ve seen in previous sales progression tools – especially around property searches, as you can see exactly which reports have been ordered and what we’re waiting on. With so much information at our fingers, the property transaction is simply clearer for everyone – including our homemovers.”

mio has saved me from making as many phones calls and given me more time back across the working day

“As we’re a small team, we multi-task roles within the business. On a daily basis, I manage a lot of the sales chasing, but mio has already taken work off me and helped me to save time across the day – partly by saving me from making as many phone calls. It’s a big win!”

“By improving communication internally and externally, mio has also helped to take the pressure off the business as a whole. For example, anyone in the office can jump onto mio and get stuck in with progressing the transaction – instead of the information sitting in one person’s head or their own notes. The mio milestones also make it easier for new recruits to get up to speed on the sales progression process.”

Working with mio is a cost-effective and more productive use of my time

“It would be easy to see mio as ‘just another cost to the business’, but the value for money is fantastic. It has made my life so much easier, and makes for a cost-effective and more productive use of my time. I am excited to see other local agents come on board to make the chain network more transparent too.”

Want to be in control of your transactions – rather than feel like they’re controlling you?

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