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A smarter way to manage the home buying process

Lack of transparency and communication routinely jeopardise property transactions and contribute to the UK’s average fall-through rate of 33% – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Since its introduction in September 2017, combined sales progression and communication tool – mio – has helped to reduce average fall-through rates to 21%, whilst speeding up transactions to exchange from 126 days down to 85 days (as measured from September 2017 to April 2019 across the Cardiff mio community of agents).

Why has mio made such an impact?

With a shared view of the chain and milestone updates (to name just a few), mio breaks down traditional siloes of information and enables collaboration, to create a single version of the truth everyone can rely on as the chain progresses towards completion.

Homemovers can also sign up to the mio app (available on iOS and Android), which allows them to see the status of the chain, communicate directly with their estate agent, and more!

Michelle Hallas, Residential Sales Manager at Allen and Harris comments:

“The app is great for staying in touch with our clients. Not only can they keep an eye on progress updates with a shared view of the property status, but they can message directly through it. One of my current homemovers even prefers instant messaging to phone calls, as she finds it quicker and easier to get a response.”

Want to join your local mio community?

mio is currently available on a 6 months FREE introductory offer, giving you the opportunity to see the real difference it can make to your branch. Click here to find out more!

Case study: Connells reaping the time-saving benefits of new sales and communication tool

26 July 2019 1099 Views

Case study: Connells reaping the time-saving benefits of new sales and communication tool

Case study: Connells reaping the time-saving benefits of new sales and communication tool

Since adopting mio in September 2018, Josh Lally, Senior Sales Negotiator based at Connells, Emerson’s Green, Bristol shares how mio has made chain building easier, been simple to learn AND increased his rate of exchange per month. In his own words, “the main game-changer has been convenience”.

Building chains is quick and simple – with no risk of duplicated effort

  • See the whole picture, identifying potential issues and delays in the chain to know what needs tackling first

  • Maximise efficiency with key notes and contacts digitised and stored in one place

  • Centralised communications all in one place means everyone in branch is empowered to support every customer

  • Less rekeying with integrations to help automate the chain building

  • Streamlined sales progression with data feeds from conveyancers, lenders and surveyors

  • Certainty that your messages have been safely delivered and read; no more waiting for voicemails to be returned.

mio has been designed by property professionals for property professionals, offering a smarter way to manage the home buying process. With centralised communications and reduced rekeying, branches using mio have seen a noticeable increase in productivity – particularly when managing chain building.

“Building chains used to be incredibly frustrating, as it would take quite a long time to piece the full picture together, and often I would complete the work only to find out that my colleague had worked on the same chain earlier that day.

However, with mio, it only takes a few minutes to put a chain together and I can immediately see if one of my colleagues has already built the chain, so I don’t have to. This has helped to save time (and frustration) across the team. It’s also far easier to come back to the chain and amend it, if necessary.”

Notes are clear and accessible for everyone involved

mio also makes it easier for branches to manage day-to-day tasks, such as adding notes to cases and sharing information between colleagues and customers when they need to.

“mio definitely helps me to keep on top of my sales progression and makes it far easier to share information. If I’m out, I know one of my colleagues can easily see the information they need to be able to update a client.”

“Before mio, I relied on sheets of paper to keep on top of my sales progression.. Handwritten notes could cause difficulties, especially if a colleague was off sick and someone else needed to read and share the information with any of our home movers.”

Easy to learn and navigate – from the very first day

One of the biggest concerns with adopting new technology is that teams will struggle to use it and it will have a negative impact on productivity before any benefits are realised. Yet this has not been the case with mio.

“When we were first talking about adopting mio, I was a bit worried that it would be somehow restrictive in what you could do, particularly in terms of updates and notes. I was also slightly concerned that it might not be easy to use and I wouldn’t be able to find the information that I needed.

However, I’ve found it really easy to access and use. It wasn’t a struggle at all. The chains and updates are all very easy to navigate. Milestones are also quick to update, and then it’s clear what has and hasn’t been done – at just a quick glance.”

Want to be in control of your transactions – rather than feel like they’re controlling you?

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across the chain; more informed conversations at every stage, from automated milestone updates

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