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Good marketing is the cornerstone of successful property sales and leasing, this is why UK Agents are relying on BoxBrownie.com for all their digital marketing needs. 

BoxBrownie.com is one of the fastest growing tech companies servicing the image enhancements and virtual staging requirements of Property Professionals around the world. Providing guaranteed 24 hour turn around on most jobs, quality assurance and intuitive user interface, we help you to attract more interest in your listings. 

Our services are perfect for Property Managers to Real Estate Agents, with a huge range of affordable edits such as:

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Our edits are perfect for all types of listings, from apartments to luxury real estate. We’d love to work with you and help your business thrive with high quality, fast and affordable photo editing.

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How Virtual Staging Boosts Real Estate Sales

16 January 2018 7673 Views

How Virtual Staging Boosts Real Estate Sales

Virtual Staging is about presenting a property in the most appealing way to potential buyers. Many consider virtual staging is deceiving to the buyer, but in fact you are just showing how the property can look with different furniture. It is no different from traditional staging, in which furniture is rented with the purpose of making the property attractive. It is a lot easier and cheaper than traditional staging.


How it Works

Virtual Staging uses CGI (Computer generated imagery) to virtually place furniture into a room, showing off the space in a particular style and taste. Effective Virtual Staging requires a professional photographer to take the pictures, which are essential for the final image to look realistic. The images are then edited using design software to ‘build’ furniture in the room, most editors are trained interior designers so have a good eye for what works, and what doesn’t.

Generally digital editors require a room that is being Virtually Staged to be empty, but items can be digitally removed, before placing Virtual Furniture in it. Techniques are constantly evolving when it comes to computer generated imagery, which enables designers to make rooms look even more realistic, in many cases you can’t tell a virtually staged from a traditionally staged room.

One of these rooms is staged traditionally and the other virtually… can you tell the difference?

How Virtual Staging Boosts Real Estate SalesHow Virtual Staging Boosts Real Estate Sales

Traditional staging (approx. £1,000 per room)         Virtual Staging (£24 per image)

Just like traditional styling, applying digital furniture is about gaining buyer attention and making them want to view the property.

How to use Virtual Staging Effectively.

First impressions are essential for attracting potential buyers, especially when buyers are flicking through online listings or looking at promotional materials. You want to motivate people to come and view the property.

The best use for Virtual Staging is for:

·         Demonstrating the potential of vacant properties - Showing a house with furniture will                        heighten its appeal to buyers.

·         Replacing dated furniture - Virtual staging is an economic alternative to traditional staging                  and a lot easier.

·         Finishing an unfinished home - Skilled designers add flooring, wall colouring and other small              fixtures to an unfinished home, meaning you can advertise a home before it is fully                              complete.

·         A great addition to marketing material - Use staged images online or in brochures, to provide           great before and after examples. It provides buyers inspiration to see what they can do                     with the property.

How Virtual Staging Boosts Real Estate Sales

Benefits of Using Virtual staging

There are many benefits to using Virtual Staging, the key one being affordability and ease. Crucial to the success of Virtual Staging is the human psychology of paying attention to the look and feel, rather than the actual build of the home. More attractive homes encourage buyers to close a deal faster and pay less attention to any drawbacks.

How Virtual Staging Boosts Real Estate Sales

Here are just some of a few benefits of choosing Virtual Staging over traditional staging.

·         It’s affordable for everyone! At nearly half the price of traditional staging it can be used for all           types of property, from small apartments to luxury real estate.

·         It is well known that staging helps to attract buyers and sell real estate faster.

·         Make your property more appealing. It gets buyers in the door, so that the realtors can do                 the rest.

·         Staged properties help potential buyers to visualise themselves in the home.

·         A simple way of eliminating personal items and furniture of the pervious home owner.

·         When staged buyers may overlook any problems with the property.

What Happens when Buyers View the Property?

Obviously when a property is Virtually Staged there will be no physical furniture. It is recommended that realtors always disclose when Virtual Staging has been used, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

When a home has been Virtually Staged, buyers get the best of both worlds. They get the benefit of seeing the potential of a home that has been Virtually Staged, as well as empty, so there is nothing distracting them from viewing the complete property. Virtual Staging is no different to the agent using photos of the home when occupied, as the new owner won’t be getting the home with furniture in it.

How Virtual Staging Boosts Real Estate Sales

Even when buyers are aware that images have been staged. It can be hard for them to visualise furniture in an empty room. One solution is to provide brochures with the virtually staged rooms at the home open, so buyers can compare and get an idea of what will fit when they move in.

What kind of Property is it Best Suited to?

Not just for well-dressed homes at the high end of the market. With Virtual Staging now so affordable it is a viable choice for all kinds of real estate, from small apartments to luxury property.

How Virtual Staging Boosts Real Estate Sales

You can’t sell a property with Virtual Staging alone, but it will attract buyers who may not otherwise consider it. Virtual Staging shows people how to live in the home, for example how a large space like living and dining areas can be used effectively.

If you’re looking to make your property listing more appealing, Virtual Staging is something to consider. Find out more of what we can restyle your property by clicking here.


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