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Top agents who keep the customer satisfied - survey

A new survey has scored the top ten national real estate brands in terms of reputation, value and customer satisfaction.

Using YouGov data, marketing consultancy, unchained.marketing, analysed 21,000 respondents averaging at 700 participants per brand as of July this year.

unchained.marketing deployed a Net Score in each case, determining the percentage of respondents with a positive brand view, and subtracting the percentage negative view.


The company says their results have a 99% confidence level and a +/-1% margin of error.

Survey Highlights:

National Real Estate Brands Property Professionals Would Be Proud to Work (or recommend working) For:

  1. eXp*: 100%
  1. Fine & Country: 100%
  1. Hamptons: 100%
  1. Strutt & Parker: 100%


National Real Estate Brands Customers Would Be Proud to Work (or recommend working) For:

1. Fine & Country: 85%

2. Strutt & Parker: 78%

3. eXp*: 75%


National Real Estate Brands with a Positive Impression:

1. Fine & Country: 88%

2. eXp*: 86%

3. Strutt & Parker: 77%


National Real Estate Brands Representing Quality:

1. Fine & Country: 91%

2. Strutt & Parker: 82%

3. Hamptons: 81%


National Real Estate Brands Representing Value for Money:

1. easyProperty: 53%

2. Purplebricks: 51%

3. eXp*: 43%


National Real Estate Brands with Recent Positive Buzz:

1. Fine & Country: 76%

2. Strutt & Parker: 66%

3. Keller Williams*: 59%


Satisfied Customers of National Real Estate Brands:

1. eXp*: 90%

2. Fine & Country: 83%

3. Knight Frank: 77%


National Real Estate Brands Discussed with Friends and Family Recently:

1. Purplebricks: 5.90%

2. Your Move: 1.43%

3. Savills: 1.20%

unchained.marketing founder, Simon Leadbetter, said: “The survey results highlight several key players that consistently perform well across multiple categories. Notably, Fine & Country, eXp, and Strutt & Parker have repeatedly surfaced as top-tier brands in the eyes of both professionals and customers alike. Their consistent high rankings underscore their robust reputations and significant impact in the national real estate market.

“Furthermore, it's worth spotlighting the unique business models of some of these top performers. Fine & Country operates on a distinctive structure where local independent agencies collaborate under an umbrella prime brand, amplifying the strength of individual agencies with the reach and resources of a national network. Other data work conducted by my agency demonstrates the expertise and customer experience of local independents that F&C has harnessed.

“On the other hand, brands like eXp and Keller Williams have adopted a self-employed model, offering individual agents’ autonomy while benefiting from the support and tools of a larger organisation.

“The presence and performance of these local independent powered brands, coupled with their innovative business structures, underscore the dynamic nature of the real estate industry, and point towards an evolving landscape where both traditional and contemporary models co-exist and thrive.”

The complete dataset and detailed analysis are available from Unchained.marketing on request.

  • Chris Arnold

    Pointless exercise using Net Scores in a service context. They are more relevant to FMCG.
    There is no consistency or depth to the questions which can often be loaded in favour of a particular service provider.

    Customer opinion is always subjective.

    It's not a surprising survey result when Mr. Leadbetter worked at F&C and KW for short periods.

    The survey said.

    Simon Leadbetter

    Are you okay, Chris? You realise that you demonstrate how little you know every time you comment.

    It's important to note that the analysis used independent and robust YouGov data and has a 99% confidence level, making it a reliable source of information.

    Net Scores are a recognised metric for assessing brand perception across various industries, not just FMCG, as you incorrectly assert. YouGov designs the questions to be impartial. Customer opinions, while subjective, contribute to the overall health of a brand.

    As for my employment history, I have hidden nothing, and it doesn't influence the independent analysis carried out in the survey. Are you libelling me by suggesting I have influenced the results? I hold no torch for former employers. I share data rather than ill-informed, incoherent opinions.

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

    Simon Leadbetter

    The statement "Pointless exercise using Net Scores in a service context" is entirely inaccurate.

    While Net Scores (promoter, satisfaction, quality, etc.) have their limitations, they can still provide valuable insight into customer attitudes and loyalty when used appropriately. Here are some reasons why using a net score in a service context can be beneficial:

    Simple and easy to understand: a net score is based on a single dimension (positive view minus negative view), making it easy for both customers and businesses to understand and interpret.

    Allows for benchmarking: a net score can help businesses understand how they compare against competitors and industry standards, providing a basis for improvement.

    Can be used in conjunction with other metrics: While net scores alone may not provide a complete picture of customer attitudes, they can be used alongside other metrics to gain a more comprehensive understanding of customer experiences.

    Saying "net scores are a pointless exercise in a service context" is as meaningless as saying breathing is pointless in a being alive context.

  • Chris Arnold

    Positive view minus negative view!!!

    What about the respondents that felt ambivalent. or couldnt be bothered to answer honestly.

    YouGov data has historically been inaccurate because sampling is low.
    It allows politicians and businesses to make wildly inaccurate statements in the hope of influencing opinion and choice.
    To put into context, because Purplebricks has a vast marketing budget, they are ranked top ten agency. Without that budget, they wouldn't rank top 100 and customer experience might be entirely different.
    Benchmarking, by the way, usually results in incremental improvements and makes no allowance for a strategy that ultimately is flawed.
    I'm all for learning from other people, Simon, but not if they're themselves closed to new ideas.


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