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Agents urged to ditch hard-drive file storage to remain compliant

The days of storing files on hard drives are over for most agents and others must catch up to comply with existing and forthcoming regulations, a proptech boss claims.

Adam Rackham, operations direction for cloud-based property software business Openview – run by VTUK -  said impending regulations and market demands mean there is no time for error or “inefficient admin tasks” drawing attention away from compliance or winning new instructions.

He claims that using cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tools can help agents manage their business and client-base in a more efficient and compliant manner.


Steering clear of older computer-based filing should, he said, save agents time and money and mean they can dedicate more resource to winning instructions.

He said: “CRMs help with all aspects of the business, including compliance processes. 

“We have found that integrating with long-standing CRM platforms, security can be guaranteed and we’re really helping agents to stay on top of compliance with automated red flags.

“Compliance is the big topic and concern for agents right now and while rogue landlord databases are introduced and rules continue to tighten, the property industry ought to re-evaluate its current practices to ensure it is able to thrive through disruption.

"Embracing CRMs has never been more important.

"As agents battle with regulation and big market demands, there is no time for error or inefficient admin tasks taking attention away from compliance or winning new instructions. The risk is too high for agents as they strive to meet compliance and so it’s time to ensure CRMs are on the agenda, making sure agencies have the right tools to win."

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    Sigh...Speaking as an agent of 30 years, and a lawyer for 10, I'm not sure why EAT gives bandwidth to this unless there is a contra advertising deal. There is no issue with storing data on hard drives. In fact, as an agent, I would be more concerned in letting my data out of my absolute control and liable to hacking or corruption that I had no ability to influence. This entire article is no more than an advert.

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    Adam, could you please answer a question many others have failed to? If we use a cloud based CRM, what happens if the supplier of that service goes bust? I have been told by all that we would have our data available to download, but without the programme to run it on, the business hits a brick wall. That is the risk that no one wished to address.


    Possibly download all the data to hard drives? lol

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    What a load of crap

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    Quick PAY EAT to write a duff story to promote .... time wasting trash article yet again.


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