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Agents 'have nothing to fear' from ROPA exams

Agents are being urged not to fear exams when it comes to new industry qualifications for the sector.

The industry is still awaiting government legislation to introduce minimum qualifications following recommendations from the Regulation of Property Agents working group almost three years ago.

Commentators aren’t anticipating any announcements when upcoming legislative priorities are revealed in the Queen’s Speech today, but agency training platform Able Agent says many property professionals are “getting on with it.”


Charlotte Jeffrey-Campbell, director of The Able Agent said: “Professional training is vastly different to school-age classroom learning. 

“For agents who weren’t academic achievers and are worried that their perceived ‘failure’ in the past is a benchmark for their future, we are seeing life-changing positive experiences where agents are getting themselves prepared. 

“They are adopting the role of a trusted adviser, and with that experiencing greater levels of success.

“They are seeing the benefits of adopting the role of a knowledgeable trusted adviser who can confidently provide the information and support needed for clients to feel and see the value of an experienced and qualified agent.”

She highlighted the experience of Julie Calver a branch manager at Andrews who has 22 years’ experience in the industry as an estate agent and now runs the Headington branch.

Initially worried about the exam and training in general, Calver, who passed the Able Agent qualifications, thought it was going to be difficult and possibly even setting herself up for failure.

Calver added: “I was really scared about training when first told I would be part of the first group taking part in training. I haven’t done any formal qualifications or been in an official exam environment in many years. Once I started though I really enjoyed the challenge.

"I began looking forward to the set sessions to explore different areas of the business. Having The Able Agent app on my phone was a game-changer for me in terms of having time and flexibility to study.”

 “Training in this industry is very important. Once you’ve been in the business for so long you can become complacent if you don’t sharpen up. 

“Now I feel like I have a fountain of knowledge that I can share with everyone and I feel confident speaking to all clients. Especially as my whole career before I joined Andrews four years ago was in sales. Now I know the lettings side of the business really well too, including laws and regulations.”

Jeffrey-Campbell added that until the timescale for RoPA is announced, everyone has time on their side to at least get started, without the added pressure of a qualification deadline.

  • Rob Hailstone

    Why waste time fearing something that may never happen?

  • Michael Day

    All improvements in knowledge and skills are to be commended but ROPA is still a long way off (if it happens at all) and, with no agreed syllabus or timescale, the only “fear” factors about ROPA are those being created and pushed by those with vested interests.


    Well said Sir, well said!

    Though if it does happen, I am hoping you will be involved in the training process.

  • John Ahmed

    What's to fear?
    It may never happen and if it does any improvements would be a good thing for those that embrace it.

  • icon

    Training company trying to sell training, tells agents they have nothing to fear from non existent exams.

    These articles should be labeled as advertorials.

  • icon

    More ROPI than ROPA?

  • icon

    What about regulation for social housing and Private landlords that may raise the standards of property and knowledge


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