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Stripping it back – minimalist style most likely to attract buyers, says research

A new survey by interior experts Hammonds Furniture has outlined how important interior style is to potential buyers, with 40% of Brits saying finding a property that is decorated in a way they like is a top priority when house-hunting.

In the UK, there are an average of 448,000 monthly Google searches relating to interior design styles, showcasing just how much demand there is for home interiors inspiration. 

Interestingly, the survey revealed that interior style is actually more crucial to men than women when looking to purchase a home, with 46% of men deeming it to be an important house hunting element in comparison to 36% of women. 


The poll of 2,000 UK adults also posed just how much more (or less) over the asking price buyers would be prepared to offer for a home decorated in different popular interior design styles. 

Overall, the survey found that a minimalist style is the most popular among house hunters, with the average person saying they’d be prepared to offer £3,600 above the asking price for a home with this aesthetic. 

Minimalism – which is typically characterised by clean lines, minimal clutter and white walls – has become one of the most popular interior trends on social media in recent years, with #minimalism boasting some 327.5 million views on TikTok, comfortably outdoing #farmhousedecor, #bohodecor, #midcenturymodern and #maximalism. 

Some 11% of Brits said they would offer up to £5,000 above the asking price for a minimalist home. The style is especially popular among Gen Z’ers, with 12% of 18-24-year-olds claiming they would offer up to £10,000 over the asking price for a home that was decorated in a minimalist manner. 

By contrast, bold, colourful interiors are a no-go for a quick sale, the research found. Google searches for ‘maximalist interior design’ – characterised by loud, bold interiors – might have been up by 125% in the last three months, but a simple interior looks to be a much better for those hoping to sell their home in a timely manner.

Almost a third of house hunters said they would offer below the asking price for a house decorated in maximalist style, while 31% claimed they would also pay less for bohemian, art déco and mid-century modern styles.

Nick Neill, managing director of EweMove Sales & Lettings, backed up the survey’s findings, saying: “Often, sellers make the mistake of thinking that people are buying the house, not ‘my stuff’ inside it. But the truth is that most viewers can’t see beyond the current owner's decor, furniture and overall look and feel, and this means home sellers with eccentric or less popular designs often struggle to sell their homes quickly.” 

He added: “The style that most buyers are attracted to is minimalism. It creates the feeling of a clean, light spacious home which lets people imagine themselves living there.” 

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    Another pointless survey with the outcome directly proportional to the demographic surveyed which could be determined just by where you stand and ask the question - i.e outside pound shop or harrods or how you do your data collection. 99.9% of brits wouldn't even know what Bohemian style décor is which says it all about the pointless survey. Why even publish this stuff, nobody cares.


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