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New guidance on house moves for un-vaccinated buyers and tenants

The government is clamping down - at least a little - on unvaccinated buyers and tenants in some specific circumstances. 

New guidelines issued by the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities say that…

...if a buyer or tenant is aged 18 years and six months or more;


...is not fully vaccinated; and 

...if they live in the same household as someone who has tested positive for Covid 

…then they must legally stay at home and self-isolate.

This would even be during the period when they would have been scheduled to have moved home.

However the guidance goes on to say that if a buyer or tenant is fully vaccinated, or aged less than 18 years and six months, they are not legally required to self-isolate even if they live in the same household as someone with Covid.

In this case the new guidance says: “You are strongly advised to take a Lateral Flow Device test every day for seven days, and to self-isolate if any of these test results is positive.”

This is the first time since the start of the pandemic that the official guidance on house moves makes a distinction between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated buyer or tenant.


The new guidance goes on to say: “We urge everyone involved in the home buying and selling process to continue to follow good hygiene practices, including regular hand-washing, sanitising, and cleaning. These measures will help prevent the spread of infection.

“We encourage all parties involved to be as flexible as possible and be prepared to delay moves, for example if one of those involved becomes ill with Covid-19 during the moving process or has to self-isolate.”

The new government statement also reiterates previous advice when it says: “Property agents, conveyancers and other professionals may choose to retain some modifications to how they work to reduce the risk from Covid-19. These changes could impact your move and may include initial virtual viewings before in-person viewings, asking you to vacate your current property during viewings, and ensuring your property is thoroughly cleaned before someone else views it or moves in. We would ask that you cooperate with these measures where they are in place.”

You can see the updated guidance here.

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    Ever closer we move to 1930s Germany. Maybe it would help if the unjabbed wore a motif to identify themselves. Just saying.


    Personally I have no problem with it . I do not want to be near anyone is so ignorant and selfish that they don't have a simple jab.
    I think they should wear a badge so I know to keep my own distance.
    Buddy of mine who has issues with his red blood cells that affect his breathing had a few people over the other week for beers and food - one of the guys in our group has a gf who is an anti vaxxer - he was told she is not welcome.
    He had no issue he understood that.

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    I know loads of people not even testing so that way they can remain ignorant as to whether they have it.

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    No one is taking a blind but of notice and this is simply unenforceable.

  • edward apostolides

    This is an ignorant and quite frankly disgusting development and it is if you know your history comparable to how the Jews were slowly separated from society by the Nazis. The lady who commented earlier about her friend with the blood disorder should if he's that concerned advise him to steer clear of other people period. As the vaccinated are as likely (and even more so due to ignorant complacency brought about by misleading propaganda) to get the virus from the vaccinated. The vaccines are only efficient for 10 weeks. It won't be long now before the 4th comes along. Another point worth noting is if you've had your natural immunity is 26 times higher than any jab and according to ONS data 90% of the UK have had it already.
    This nonsense is all about introducing biometric identity apps to everyone. The virus is merely the Trojan Horse.


    The pandemic has brought modern day Nazis like Jan Byers out in to the open. Imagine dealing with people in business who hold such moronic views as hers? I hope that cancel culture comes out and bites her on her low IQ backside. Not the first time she's posted in this manner and I just knew she'd jump at the chance to offer up her putrid views on this article. Human detritus.

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    Well said Edward........."evil will only succeed if good men (and women) do nothing".....don't stop pushing back Edward :) Happy New Year

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    Well said Property Pundit..........my comment regarding Jan Byers appears to have been removed....interesting that !!


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