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Purplebricks launches multi-million pound advertising campaign today

Purplebricks is launching its biggest advertising campaign in five years this evening.

The multichannel campaign kicks off with a 60-second spot on Channel 4’s prime time show, Gogglebox tonight and marks the brand’s biggest advertising spend for five years.

The multi-million pound campaign is intended to celebrate Purplebricks’ position as the number one agency brand. In its words it's "selling nearly four times more properties than any other brand."


The ads will also be highlighting Purplebricks' new Money Back Guarantee offer. 

Fronted by TV personality Mo Gilligan, the new TV ad shows For Sale signs turning to Sold across the length and breadth of Britain.

Ben Carter, chief marketing officer at Purplebricks, says: “We put more Sold boards on the streets of Britain than any other estate agent brand  - and that surprises a lot of people.

"Backed by our biggest investment for several years and fronted by Mo, this campaign is intended to get the nation to see Purplebricks in a different way - and ensure we are front of mind when they are looking to sell their homes.”

  • Lee James  Pendleton

    Statements with zero stats. We are the number one agent on the planet, anyone can state this but smart people use quality not quantity merchants. When will people learn what smoke and mirrors actually means!

  • Algarve  Investor

    "In its words it's "selling nearly four times more properties than any other brand."

    You've got to hand it to them - pure bravado. As Lee above says, no actual stats to back that up, but PB have always been excellent at taking full advantage of that gap between perception and reality.

  • Chris Arnold

    It doesn't matter how much they spend on advertising. If the message is dumbed down to irrelevant platitudes, they're default dead. It's simply a matter of time before they run out of other peoples money.

  • Mark Townend

    Be nice if they spent a fraction of this amount on some back office support that actually bothered to progress a sale competently.


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