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Poor connection! A third of buyers would pull out of an offer over bad wi-fi

Picky buyers are walking away from property deals after realising the internet connection at a property is poor, research claims.

A poll by broker First Mortgage has uncovered the main reasons why a buyer may reject a property purchase, with 80 per cent of Brits admitting they are picky.

The most popular reason for walking away among half of respondents was noisy neighbours or living in a loud area.


A quarter said they would snub a deal if floorboards creak, while 43 per cent wouldn’t be interested if they found the walls were too thin.

A third would be put off by issues such as dogs barking in the area and 22 per cent would be deterred by trees hanging into the garden.

David McGrail, compliance director of First Mortgage, said: “When looking for a home, it is important to envisage what it is like to live there 365 days a year, if a dog in the neighbourhood is barking every day nonstop, this could become an issue. A property is likely to be the most expensive single purchase you ever make, being picky is essential.  

“When considering where to live it is important to be switched onto the various factors that could affect your finances as well as your happiness in the home. A few chips on the paintwork isn’t the be-all and end-all, however structural issues could even result in a mortgage being denied.”

Top 10 reasons for walking away 

  1. Noisy neighbours – 47% 
  2. Loud area – 45% 
  3. By a main road – 44% 
  4. Thin internal walls – 43% 
  5. Near an airport – 41% 
  6. Hard to park nearby – 40% 
  7. Lack of storage options – 38% 
  8. Ceilings being too low – 35% 
  9. Steep stairs – 34% 
  10. Poor Wifi – 33% 

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