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Energy Crisis: Better EPCs boost house values - claim

The Halifax claims that homes with the highest energy ratings are worth up to £40,000 more on average compared to less sustainable properties.

And it says that  environmentally conscious buyers are willing to pay a ‘green premium’ for a more energy efficient abode. 

An in-depth analysis by the lender has found that homes in all regions sold for a higher price as their energy performance improved.


The difference between the average property price of a home with an EPC rating of E compared to C is £11,000.

The greatest difference in property price between single EPC bands are those with G and F ratings, with the latter commanding almost £10,000 more on average. 

The Halifax survey of prospective homebuyers also found a growing desire for greener homes, with two thirds of people saying they would feel proud to have an environmentally friendly property. 

The same proportion also said that their home represents their personal values and what matters to them. 

Additionally, more than two in five current owners said that the energy efficiency of their home was either very important or fairly important when choosing where to live.

Despite this, more than three quarters of homeowners do not know the rating of their own home, meaning they could be missing out on an opportunity to save on household bills and potentially improve its market value.

The analysis also revealed that there’s a disparity between different regions of England and Wales when it comes to the efficiency of an average home. 

Unsurprisingly, districts with more new-builds and flats tend to have higher than average efficiency ratings. 

Tower Hamlets in East London fares the best, with an average home scoring a high C, closely followed by Salford in Greater Manchester. 

Meanwhile, rural districts with older properties, such as the Isles of Scilly and the Welsh districts of Ceredigion and Gwynedd, are the least energy efficient at the moment.


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